The Islamic Mattress & the Missionary Mattress

A foam making company has just launched the first Islamic Mattress of the Islamic World. The maker describes it as being Islamic as it is “Pakistan’s First Islamic Mattress engineered for people who sleep on their back or their right side which is the Islamic way for sleeping. Medical science tells us that that the best healthy sleeping position is to sleep on your back or on your right side which is also the Islamic way of sleeping, practiced and taught 1400yrs ago. Sleeping on the right side does not let the weight of stomach & intestine to suppress the heart, hence blood circulation is not affected.  By sleeping on the right side, the heart remains in the topside, and aids in the process of rising early before sunrise to perform Fajr (prayer).”

It is indeed a giant leap for mankind in the right direction and I whole heartedly support it. However as there is always some room for improvement, I humbly offer a few suggestions.

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