HumSub Roman Urdu & English

HumSub is starting a new sub-site of HumSub Online. This new sub-site  is Roman script based. It’ll be publishing  selected Urdu articles of HumSub in Roman script and English language articles.

We are planning to publish important articles of HumSub in Roman Urdu script as well. However we won’t be accepting article submissions in Roman Urdu script for the time being.

We want to engage overseas Pakistanis who find it hard to read Urdu script. A large number of Indians is not familiar with Urdu script and this site shall give them an opportunity to read HumSub.

In addition to these Roman Urdu articles, we shall be publishing English language articles on HumSub Roman. English articles written exclusively for HumSub and articles appearing in the international press shall be published here as well.

Thank you for your support.


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