Corona Diaries

It was really hard for me to understand why everyone was complaining about having to stay at home because even though I missed my friends and being able to go out I really enjoyed spending time at home with my family.
We would wake up and then cook breakfast together, play “uno” and fight over what the rules were, binge watch tv shows together and when we got tired of all of this we would retire to our phones to connect with the outside world.
On one such occasion I was browsing through my phone and I came across a post from a friend which asked what would happen if all internet facilities went out and I was completely horrified by the thought. I started wondering how anyone would manage to live without internet access because I was so dependent on it for finding recipes, proving my point, watching netflix, talking to my friends, and staying updated with news that I could not imagine my life without it and then it struck me that there were people out there who were living my nightmare.

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