Article: “Racism is a very prevalent issue in our world and almost every body faces it in their day to day lives to varying degrees. Some of us are subjected to racism in the work place which can be something as simple as a promotion getting delayed while others can end up losing their life on the basis of external differences.

It is very clear that racism is not built in but rather ingrained into an individuals mind through their socialization. Each and every one of us has some degree of racial bias within our minds and in order to deal this we must begin by acknowledging our own preconceived notions of race. It is also equally important for us to realize our own privilege. How does your race place you at a systematic advantage over any other race? Does society view you as superior to your peers on the basis of your skin color? If so, it is time to use your own privilege to help those who are underprivileged.

It is important that we do this instead of blindly sharing videos of black people being murdered. How does sharing this video over and over help? One might argue that it raises awareness but is it important to raise awareness of a sociological problem that we have known has existed for as long as our social memory has existed?

Is it important to ensure that everyone has seen the countless videos of black men being brutally murdered by the very forces which are put in place to protect them, the most vulnerable group? It is not. All this does is desensitize us. It makes it okay. We, subconsciously, become used to this type of behavior since it is what we have seen everywhere.

Personally speaking, every single time I have seen the footage of the incident which happened with George Floyd I have flinched and averted my eyes. This is not because I am looking away. This is because the issue at hand is so sensitive that it should not be made okay for us to look at these videos. These videos should not be normalized. What is important is not that we look at these videos but rather that when such incidences are occurring we do not look the other way.

We should not be desensitized to these issues by repeatedly looking at these videos, instead we should speak up without having to use the video of a man being murdered to appeal to someone’s sense of what is moral and of what is immoral, of what is ethical and of what is unethical, of what is right and of what is clearly wrong.

Use this incidence to finally start talking about racism within your own circle. It is high time we all stand together and fight white supremacy.”

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