Corona is Not a Joke

Eid-ul-Fitr festival was approaching. I spent about two months indoors, and I began to dream of seeing the outside world, which was closed to us because of Pandemic disaster, the wind in which breathing was a crime, the people they met were like meeting death, those streets and markets which was crowded and bustling, were left desolate. An unseen fear and helplessness prevailed all the time but what should have been done? Eid was Eid so I had to go out then I prepared myself with all my courage and when I went out it seemed like maybe I am a creature of another world who is walking in this street and market wearing gloves and mask.

There was nothing like desolation, which was imagined in my mind. The markets were open, there were crowds of people, everyone was busy buying the things they wanted. In some markets, there were more crowds than usual. Somewhere I did not see any person following the rules of social distance and safety measures. This situation made me even more afraid that this softening inside Lockdown might not become a big disaster.

Eid came and the day of Eid was also a wonderful spectacle that the ones wearing masks were considered the most strangers among their loved ones and relatives and the people were afraid of them lest they are sick. Sometimes it is heard that this is an international drama, a conspiracy, a propaganda, no corona, the government is taking money in return, foreign funding is coming. Similarly, the dead are being shown as corona patients. It was all at home, in the village and in the city but the surprise was on those people and the families who took their children to Markets and so on and went out for walks in different parks and were stopped by the traffic police.

No one was worried and on the other hand the number of cases was increasing day by day and different areas were being sealed. Mortality rates were rising; hospitals were being filled with Corona patients, even more than five doctors died in a single day after suffering the epidemic, efforts were being made to enforce precautions.

I got lost in the thought that my nation is also a very peculiar nation. When there were five, fifty or five hundred cases, the death toll was very low or non-existent; i used to hear the sounds of azans on the rooftops and in the mosques, People had taken out their prayer mats, Mercy and forgiveness were being sought from Allah, everyone on social media was talking about avoiding it.

There were news and comments of Corona on television all the time, the government were also working day and night but then the cases reached seventy-five thousand and then crossed beyond that. The government is worried, the health department is distressed, the staff and experts are troubled but surprisingly, the public is happy and, according to John Elia, is probably thinking that “No more thing of danger… Now all are in danger from everybody”.

There is no call to prayer nor precautionary measures are being taken, the people of my beloved homeland have considered it a joke! In other words, this nation has put this epidemic on the tip of the shoe, they opened their arms for it to come and hug us, for this; they opened the heart and the house doors completely.

Now this nation seemed to be free from this fear, but it is not all right because Corona is not a joke! That is dangerous. Please have mercy on yourself, on your loved ones, on your beloved homeland; we can only fight this pandemic with caution, because caution is life. Social distance is important, cleanliness is good for all of us, and we can seriously fight it, Corona is not a joke!

Do not think it is a joke
This is terrible provoke
The city of carelessness
It has detecting, it has been waiting
Have all precautions stoke
Do not make life sad in-joke

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