Self-Consciousness – A Destructive Weapon To Turn The Society Dysmorphic

In the race of maintaining life in capitalism, materialism has managed to secure its place in the necessities of today’s life. We are living in an era of competition for getting better by certain standards of society where every brand is selling insecurities to people about their skin color and life standard. The idea of selling self-consciousness is highly detrimental.

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The Difference that the Success Of a Transgender’s Case Made

We are living in the era of the 21st century where it is believed that the availability of constitutional and fundamental human rights is common. But still, the minorities in the world are fighting their battle of existence. Transgenders are considered the common enemy of every society.

In Pakistan, a transgender named Faiz Ullah went to the court for justice. She challenged the Punjab Public Service Commission’s eligibility criteria where only females and males were allowed to apply for jobs. Though she won the case whereas the question raised here when the legislation was passed years ago why she needed to sue the Punjab Public Service Commission to entertain her job application.

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