Self-Consciousness – A Destructive Weapon To Turn The Society Dysmorphic

In the race of maintaining life in capitalism, materialism has managed to secure its place in the necessities of today’s life. We are living in an era of competition for getting better by certain standards of society where every brand is selling insecurities to people about their skin color and life standard. The idea of selling self-consciousness is highly detrimental.

This has become in general practice that whatever comes in trend the big goons of the industry associate their brand name with a certain ongoing narrative to boost their business. For instance, when the whole country was under the chatter of feminism the brands having an ulterior motive started celebrating women’s day.

This self-consciousness has given the misogynist approach to society. Fair and tall have become the standard of today’s beauty. Many products boosted the racism narratives like fairness and whitening cream, vaginal brightening cream, bum cream for plumping and toning, and many more.

Hypocritically they claim women empowerment and racial justice but actually, they are selling us an ideal body shape, a problem with our wrinkles. A problem with aging, a problem with gravity, a problem with any kind of body fat. The female lead stars who are very vocal about their ideas of women empowerment, social justice, and equality, perhaps unknowingly are still putting the patriarchal narrative out into the world, are still profiting from selling a patriarchal narrative to other women.

But it’s a wolf in sheep clothing. The same poison that made them develop some sort of body dysmorphia or facial dysmorphia, they are now pouring back into the world. It is like recycling hatred. And I find that dangerous and unacceptable and I think constructive criticism is needed for anyone to ever evolve. For our gender to evolve, we need some sort of constructive criticism. We need to re-think thoroughly. We need to realize that beauty is how a person feels about him/herself.



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