Class of 2020 – Rejecting the New Abnormal Normal

March 13, 2020. It was Friday. Quite a normal day, as usual, I woke up and travelled to the university—University of the Punjab, Lahore. Although there was news about a virus outbreak, and the state of things in China yet everything went normal for us at our department—Institute of English Studies.

We took our classes and afterwards everyone dispersed clueless of that being our last assemblage. I stayed at the department waiting for the bus which used to be scheduled to leave at 4:10 pm.

Accompanied by a friend, cups of tea and a cold breeze, I remember a prolonged conversation in which we discussed academic matters, some socio-political issues and day to day challenges of life. It turned out to be my last confab at the department. Nevertheless, we were unready for the gravest challenge that was yet to come and would affect our lives.

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