Revolution Knows No Pandemic

As Pakistan Democratic Movement prepares for its sixth and final power show in Lahore, the accused Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf government has been anxiously trying to stop PDM. Many believe that the lockdown 2.0 due to the second wave of Corona Virus outbreak, flooding the lawns of Minar-e-Pakistan, and arresting DJ Butt were all excuses for halting the Jalsa. The real question that arises from the current tussle between PDM and the government is, whether gathering thousands of people during a pandemic is morally and politically correct or not?

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CSS, For All The Wrong Reasons

The experience of day 1 in a new class is always exhilarating. One of the very few experiences where you sit in a class of almost 50, or sometimes more and if you are lucky enough all these people are new faces to you, a blank sheet to fill. You can colour the sheet in the horrors of greys and whites or you can paint a rainbow. Every new class is a rebirth of your personality, a second chance life gives you to portray whatever image of you, you want to.

This September my plans to obtain a master’s degree got ruined because of COVID-19 and just like an average Pakistani I complained about the lack of job opportunities in Pakistan without even applying to one. Thus, instead of wasting my year, I decided to do what every Pakistani with minimal knowledge and nothing to do does; attempting Central Superior Services competitive examinations.

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