Are Doctors And Engineers All We Got?

The problem isn’t just with children wanting or not to become a doctor or an engineer but with the popular mindset around this topic. Every household has someone trying to either become a doctor or an engineer. You’ll see bright young students doing FSc right after O’levels instead of taking up A’levels just so they can have an advantage when they appear for MCAT and get good percentages where government medical colleges are the goal and the private ones are lower on the pecking order.

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Bachelors not Allowed

In a time where everyone agrees education is the key to growth and betterment, Pakistan has made it extremely difficult to go forward. Sure, we have some of the best universities and colleges, even schools when it comes down to it, but has anyone considered what comes with the cost of education as well?

Picture this; a family belonging to a small rural city send their child to get an education from a metropolis city like Lahore. You wouldn’t expect the whole family to shift with that one 18-year-old would you? Of course not. The family will stay back to earn and the kids will go and complete their education.

Most colleges or universities do not have as many hostels as the number of students applying and thus a few remain behind without any accommodations hundreds of kilometers away from home. They decide to get a place nearby and pay rent while they study. Sounds easy, right? It isn’t.

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