Bringing CPEC back on Track

The news of the resignation of General (retd.) Asim Salim Bajwa, from the post of chairman of CPEC authority, was not unexpected for many, but it has sparked speculations about the issues inside the CPEC.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is not an ordinary project, it’s a huge venture, not only for Pakistan but for China as well. This project is an important component and a showcase of China’s Belt and Route Initiative (BRI) which is believed to be a game-changer, not only for the regional but for the global economy.

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Future of Smart Cities in Pakistan

Imagine you wake up one fine morning and find a rapid electric tram to go to your office in 15 minutes. All your utilities, tolls, taxes are easily paid by your mobile, buying and selling property is so easy, foolproof and flawless without any possibility of fraud, water, gas and electric supplies are seamlessly regular. You walk with your family in green spaces without minute fear of street criminals, the entire city is loaded with smart CCTV cameras, charged parking meters, vertical parking complexes, state of the art shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, schools, universities, clinics and personal services. The city government is civilized, cooperative, polite and efficient to solve any of your problems. Well, it seems like you are living in a dream smart city.

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