The Perplexed Emerging Scene of Afghanistan

he present situation of Afghanistan can be described as a bus standing at a station, for instance, in Lahore with all its passengers having bought valid tickets to travel through it. However, astonishingly enough, a group of passengers wants the bus to drive them to Karachi while the remaining passengers want to travel in the opposite direction: Peshawar. Now the bus administration is also perplexed as to where to go for all the passengers, having the tickets, have a legal right to travel through the bus to reach their respective destinations.

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Taliban won’t be Alone to Counter any US Aggression in Afghanistan this Time

A journey of few words that began at Capitol Hill, Washington on Jan 20 by new American President Joe Biden about the ‘criminal behavior of Afghan Taliban’ reverberated in Kabul a few days later as its Senior Vice President Amrullah Saleh uttered the same words.

Under the new setup, the POTUS, his men in uniform (Pentagon), and the Afghan government have agreed that one of the stakeholders of the peace agreement signed in Doha on February 29, 2020, has not fulfilled the responsibilities, nay, breached the trust.

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Fragile Democracy and the Emerging Global Challenges

Our generation, which is on the threshold of old age, would at least remember the tragedies when political instability and regional political dynamics lured dictators to wind up the prevailing democratic setups in the country.

For instance, in the 1970s buoyed by the political movement against Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, then Chief of Army Staff General Ziaul Haq took the reins of the government after a coup d’état, at the midnight on July 04, 1977.

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