Sheep: to Baa or Not to Baa?

The intricate web we see strung up before us today is a marvellously ensnaring machination. A web where different strings of silk, laced with narratives and propaganda, vie for prey: and all too often, it sticks. The reality of an ‘absolute truth’ is but an abstract notion, and constricted to whoever can proffer a more convenient truth to the individual mind. In such unenvious circumstances, does any of it really matter? The proverbial lamb to the slaughter may well have little recourse even if it were to make an attempt at conscientious bleating.

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Making for monotonous viewing, scores of citizens get about their mundane routines. They do so thankfully. Yet, beneath this stagnant equilibrium lies a sheathed perplexity of the inner kind: a pandemonium akin to turmoil. The land we so earnestly recognise as the fruit of our ancestors’ labour and the root of our identity is now being put aside, hesitantly, in a bid towards pastures anew.

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On Parallels with Great Nations

The Great Plague and all the havoc that it wrought is often accredited with bringing about, ironically, instrumental reforms throughout Europe. This was particularly so for England. The Great Plague empowered the serf and paved the way for him to enshrine his standing in subsequent events of great weight.

An apt word used for such events is that of a ‘critical juncture’: a crossroad of sorts, just with the odd monumental consequence that goes on to strike the path of a nation. Unfortunately, these happenings do not come with a signpost articulating this caveat. And it would seem, or at least to the sane mind, that these junctures went largely unnoticed by our state institutions. That, or they chose to cruise by, blissfully or of necessity.

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