Open letter to Honorable Fawad Chaudhry

Dear Minister for Science and Technology,

Your audacious duel with the Moon Establishment of the country has undoubtedly won you popular applause. Political cross-section heaved a sigh of relief when you successfully unearthed the New Moon according to your colander, ensuring One-Nation-One-Eid, a historically awaited breakthrough.  On the eve of the recent solar eclipse, a tactful warning to your celestial contenders was also seen as a tickling step in the belated journey of the nation towards science and technology. The reiteration of your past achievements like cheap chopper travel is merely a waste of time: a host of such things are inscribed on the otherwise credulous memory of the masses.

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Covid-19 – All is not lost

In a pensive mood of sadistic whim, we may call Covid-19 the dark maestro of maladies. It came, it saw and it won. Now Homo sapiens, the self-styled crown of creations, are housed in their passive solitude to guard themselves against its onslaught.

With the surge in death toll and with its global spread, the shadow of impending doom is far more ominous than any other natural calamity in known history. The only strategy to hinder or at least slow down its transmission is to restrict people to people contact. But it is not without unfavorable ramifications. It has chilling effects on livelihood. Businesses are shut down; unemployment is mounting and the global chain of demand and supply is unsettled.

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