Out of School Children Waiting for a Savior

The challenge of bringing the enormous number of out-of-school children to schools and reducing dropout rates of school-going children seems ungovernable like the price hikes in the country. The Pakistan Education Statistics (2016/2017) data show that there are currently 22.84 million Out of School Children (OOSC) in the country, and the share of Gilgit – Baltistan is almost 70,000. Besides, the world Bank has estimated a million more children, mostly girls are at risk of dropping out of schools. Consequently, the number may soar from 22.84 to 23.84 million in just one-year time. Additionally, a significant number of children might drop out of private schools, because a cumulative total of almost ten-months fee bills are overdue. As of today, we do not see any significant initiative being taken to improve the quality of education and dealing with the issue of OOSC.

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