Governance and Human Rights

“Moral courage is the highest expression of humanity.” (Ralph Nader)

It is generally understood that only the authority can think and act and the rest are supposed to bow, to obey as the herd of sheep does. To build an ordered human ideal society rather than the chaos is an old attempt, has been practiced by generations throughout the centuries. Plato, in his ‘Republic’ presented the utopian model in this respect.

Majority of the people usually do not take pain to criticize their living condition or of those who are living in the surrounding. They are only able to accept the religion, the sect, the political party of their ancestors and they are contented there to born in and with which each day brings for them. They do not make any effort to better their livings what daily life requires from them. They find satisfaction with the fulfilling of their needs and do not think of making efforts of changing their present condition from better to the best.

Fortunately, there are very few people who concern and seek for the advantages seriously not for only themselves but for others also. These people are very few in numbers because it is very hard for them to bear silently the latent evil regardless to the fact of their lives at risk. Driven by even a slight hope, they start attempting for newer society system through which life may get richer. This kind of people is called activist and sometimes anarchist when they are considered the danger for the government.

They are reformers and want to bring change in the society; unfortunately, these reformers are considered the danger to society by common people out of hostility. Activists are judged by government on political grounds lest they should harm the government in any sense.

In Saudi Arabia, a woman naming Israa al-Ghomgham, Shia activist of Human Rights, is sentenced to death, the activity started in 2011 in the Eastern Province. Al- Ghomgham and her husband were put behind the bars in 6th of December, 2015 Dammam’s al-Mabahith. Authorities also arrested other six activists under various accusations such as protesting on social media, inciting public opinion, slogans against the regime and so on.

But death penalty for the activist as Al-Ghomgham and husband, free from the accusations of any violent behavior is injustice. Saudi Kingdom has practiced sectarian tension, between majority of Sunni and minority of Shia with 15 percent of population throughout history seen also in 2009 between Saudi security forces and pilgrims. Saudi court has bad fame because of its unjust trial criteria due to political impetus.

Human Rights Council is the best international apparatus having in mind human rights problems around the world. It has strongly prevailed and all the countries are supposed to prevent violation of human rights in any condition. But alas! Saudi Arabia could only have a sorry record regarding human rights and it is added in ‘list of shame’ for killing in Yemen brutally in 2015. Saudi Arabia stopped women to drive and after the royal decree, it allowed along with the rule of women having male guide with them.

When there is discussion about human rights, Saudi Arabia seems to do violation in this movement all the time. Authorities there seem to allow for the pursuit of human rights but afterwards detain and persecute the individuals who actively work for this movement including women. Saudi Arabia put a member of Human Rights Council behind the bar for ten years along with the ban for further ten years.

Canada’s nation is very much disappointed by Saudi Arab’s arresting female activist. Its Minister of Foreign Affairs has tweeted taking into account that Canada will always support human rights activities and will promote these activities by all means. Canada should be appreciated that it has taken notice on this abuse of human rights by Saudi Arabia while other nations are staying silent and unmoved.

Freedom of individuals does not mean only the freedom of earning food and basic living needs but it is in fact the freedom of individuals’ opinion. USAID, in this connection, identifies the human rights related with governance. The strategy regarding food, health and education can never get wobbly if there is united approach of governance and human rights in the mission of progress. The USAID Administrator added new policy in hiring staff fully educated in governance and human rights.

In this modern world kings of Saudi Arabia need to understand the importance of human rights. In the matter of religion and politics it is mandatory to have a dogmatic belief, the otherwise are warned to be prisoned or death penalty in the result of having different opinion. Especially, the sectarian issue must be addressed by the KSA government as it is already notorious for killing Shia community.

Education which has the purpose of expanding the mind, and not making people hollow and narrow minded, mostly governments including Saudi Arabia discriminating system of education and justice. That needs to be fixed and KSA has to bring aesthetic changes in their laws to protect and demonstrate the respect to the human rights. Saudi Arabia also needs to assure in rethinking the death sentences or imprison, and without any harassment or threat, it should allow human rights activists to continue their projects and campaigns with freedom.


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