True Patriotism

Pakistan could hardly keep balance between tradition and modernity, past and present and between Islam and secularism throughout the history. The Great Leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision was of forward-looking vision regarding an independent state. Influenced by broad sense of history, Jinnah nailed it that the British colonizers would leave one day from India, so, he thought of the need of hooking up the differences especially of cultural and religious communities between Muslims and Hindus. He was also concerned to shape a foundation accommodating Hindus and Muslims.

To generate legal political atmosphere despite in cultural and religious gap that separates other nations and monotheistic Muslims, Jinnah made efforts that guaranteed stability in relationship among different traditions. He adopted the policy of totality of sub-continent and he was not proved himself as the spokesman of the Muslims alone before World War I. Mahatma was also not interested in such an autocracy confining to one expected state but he considered of rallying loads against colonization.

Now situation is seen in the name of ‘change’ that Pakistan has become the nation having conflict with itself. How ‘change’ takes place is questionable. Changes occur when there is consciousness of ethnicity and nurturing the spirit of patriotism dovetails international harmony. This consciousness is certain after getting education. Islam is political religion seen in honest pursuits of caliphs under the teachings of Muhammad (SAWW). Through education, if system is wise, there can be the strong possibility of maintaining what is the best on the level of individual culture. And if it has shortsightedness, it will make an individual the best tool for government and in this way; this type of individuals may cause the deterioration. So, the promoters of ‘change’ should have high leveled planning to bring anything different of what exists.

It is not suffice if we say that except Russia, educators are feeble and snobbish to welcome only the rich. There is a lot to say such as the elements of inspiring citizenship in universities and schools are the worst ones and not the best ones. This is because of patriotism is emphasized in militant form which brings injustice regarding citizenship. This sort of emphasis becomes the reason of injustice because patriotic acts are seen only in strikes through which they show themselves blacklegs and less than 1% among them is well educated.  It shrinks the educated sense in well-to-do youth for constitutional deeds. Broad individual culture can be successful in boosting the sense that individuals are supposed to contribute to citizenship.

Though Pakistan was a dream of autonomy for Muslims of sub-continent, but it was also like a state concerning human nature on equal ground even for minorities. But with the passage of time, minorities transformed into blood-letting creating hamlets living side by side the orthodox Muslims. Moreover, sectarian violence added fuel to the flame between Shia and Sunni. This sectarian criminal behavior was seen in the fall of civil society.

The nations that, in their dealings with other nations are prejudiced, the crime ratio among their decent citizens increase and they do not bother themselves to see the facts in their real perspectives. The public accuses press but it is bad public which demands bad newspapers because it is badly educated. Patriotism taught in educational institutes creates mass-hysteria.

Students are told the misdeeds of other nations and not the faults of their own ancestors. Muslim student will not be taught truth about Hindus. English student is never taught about the truths of Black and so do Americans in not telling truths about Sacco. In this way, innocent minds are given misconception in the name of patriotism. Nationalism is more harmful than drugs, wobbly economy, illness, hunger, black-marketing etc. the people who have potential to survey of modern world are well acquainted that nationalism is nothing but jeopardy. It is not possible to bring about ideal human code of conduct in the nations which also teach how to kill. The emotions of love of homeland under the flag and hatred for outsiders can only suggest wars and battles.

Similarly, politicians have played villainy in weakening the foundations of Pakistan. They are not disburdened by these accusations. They tend to the pursuits of personal interests rather than transformation an exquisite nation in form of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif Government had the features of nepotism and impudent corruption. Leaders are frail people and they do not prove themselves a gift for Pakistan. They want to rule over semi-paralyzed public.

More importantly, it is right to say that the country that has had the strong influence on Pakistani politics is United States which breeds the spirit of autocracy rather democracy. But the way of governance of NS has proved to be unacquainted of the true understanding of democracy. Pakistan despite in its sorry record has the possibility and hope of building a worthwhile future. They only need to know the certain degree of Utopian dreams of transforming an ideal nation among china, Britain, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia etc.–the valuable comparisons.

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