Shaping a Corrupt Mind

It was something, almost nothing. Above or headlong, quick above or the pit of some hellish planet it looked like. The things were immoveable or moving gravely. I was standing at a place I couldn’t recognize. There was neither darkness nor daylight. Neither the journey through thorns nor was the utopian destination.

What to speak of shore, I was not even wrecked through swirl. I was at deathly peaceful verge. My hearings were unable to hear any sound and the entire scene was eye-blinding. There was a light, a kind of light. It perhaps was a twilight. Toiling up thwarted path with no light, no space and no time and I was giving myself to the postmodern dead for no reason, no happiness and no sadness either.

No, I was none of the two characters of Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot”, in which he presented Estragon and Vladimir; the perfect example of modern man suffering from so many dilemmas of the age. Both the characters were beaten by boredom and nothingness brought by modernization. The crux of the play was that nothing came out of nothing. In the same way all we are beaten by the topsy-turvy technology of 21st century.

There is no doubt that life changes every day. Intellectuals and authors have been the source of teaching the civilizations of the world. Now the world has reached the labyrinth of globalization travelled through localization and nationalization. Internet has paved the way for people to come closer.  The progress of science is a national and international need. Nineteenth century was the century of scientific progress. But in twentieth century, scientific miracles had adopted devastative ways and lessened the human welfare pledges. World wars have opened the doors of racism, killings, prejudices and terrorism. People started worshipping freedom. All the oppressed nations broke the chains of slavery and starting loving power to get freedom. There was the age when people aspire for positive progress for living a life of comfort.

Love for freedom, love for power or love for money gives birth to commercialism which becomes obsession. The wish for more and more becomes a curse for the people. It is seen that internet and social media have ruined societies so much but along with this, there are some other resources of entertainment that have given birth to corrupt minds. There are the games which try to demolish immature minds and give inspiration of adopting evil ways.

There are a lot of changes that have brought human awareness to the new and weird direction.  M-theory in Physics, structuralism in literature, linguistics, games and cellphones in technology, Marxism, Derrida’s deconstruction, Freud’s psychoanalysis, Darwin’s Evolution of Life, Big bang theory, clowning in genetics and internet are the proof of great changes in the world. It was the outcome of great thoughts called postmodernism. Today, human beings are living a different life from that of three centuries ago. We see politics and business in everything. Wars are not considered something full of horror and terror.

A game naming GTA 5 that was released in September 2013 tells the way to rob and murder if needed to gain points for winning the game. GTA 5, PUBG and other these types of games are ruining the societies by taking immature minds of youngsters to the wrong directions. All the series of GTA are playing a part to make youngsters commit robbery and murders for money. Now quite recently GTA 5 Cheat Money Hack is introduced that has given the detailed guideline how to rob cash counter from super store and how to ambush to murder and rob the one coming to ATM machine for transferring money within the game. The purpose to get money more and more is to combat the expert competitors.

There was the time when games were played for passing time and for entertainment. But now it is alarming and it is impossible to tolerate for sensitive minds how advanced technology has impacted the lives and what it is teaching the young generation. The happiness through the game is transitory and it inspires one to snatch from others what they have.

European Union has built balance among the states and we couldn’t search for the solutions of the problems like domestic integrity, democracy, human freedom and women rights. People here beaten by poverty and hunger, seem to be in the endeavor of making money all the time. Quest for earning much money has increased now. Now-a-days it is heard that such and such bank accounts are hacked by the hackers. Technology and gaming have now proved themselves to be harmful to the society because of negative use of them.

Besides, people are taught to commit evil for the fulfillment of their desires. As Aristotle has differentiated between happiness and pleasure, happiness remains no longer a happiness. But as far as pleasure is concerned, it is long-lasting. Virtue is pleasure because man feels pleasure after doing something good to others.

Radiation is the most heinous discovery of Physics which brought devastation in form of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  If we study, we will come to know that after 911 there were made the efforts for infusing obstruction, terrorism and fundamentalism. Gradually, there came into being the new discourses and George Orwell’s novel 1984 tells better how these discourses play their role in controlling human thought. Therefore, if a man is consuming himself in evil pursuits, it can never be the source of pleasure for him anyway. Although human beings need energy for performing number of tasks such as plowing and harvesting machines, computers and other machines that are useful for daily life but it is a sad reality that they are engaged in doing nothing for their welfare.

It cannot be denied that people depend upon communicative technology and through electronic media such as televisions, internet, radio they get awareness and fulfill business dealings.  But it is crucial to educate people to avoid developing corrupt minds because of wrong use of technology and games. Games and entertainments are good but not so much as to read books in free time. Book reading can be the best source of developing well-formed society.  Otherwise games are designing the societies where every thoughtful person feels crawling through a tunnel in search of nothing.


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