It is My Chair

A chair has various places but it demonstrates the dominant position. Chair is throne, chair is power, chair is dream and yes, chair is an apple of discord also. Chair can be everything but not a possession. According to an old dictum, ruler is not only a ruler rather he is answerable to the nation.

Political parties, in general, serve as substantially to create an orderly society and to win the electoral trust of people. But particracy system should be controlled as it causes interruption in the performance of one sole party to act favorably.  Political parties in Pakistan have altogether proved failure winning a good public opinion. This is because of their lacking political sensibility.

Political parties like PPP and PMLN are focusing only argue on press media having one figment which is to control government setup. They are frustrated, tired, mentally impotent and thoughtless on the greed of chair. They are not differentiating in their personal interest and national welfare. In history, All India Muslim League was given power in 1947, but it was failed to be a true party because of lacking political sensibility.

Besides, Marxists believe that socio-political activities can be certain through the betterment in economy. A bad political system destroys ethical sense among people. Goodness is never practiced in bad societies. People become mentally cruel having known about bombardments, traffic accidents, street crimes and murders increasing ratio. In such countries virtue becomes a risk and primitivism is rampant.

Feeling sorry, it is now to be pointed out that we are facing this very situation in Pakistan. We are beaten not only by domestic racial wars, religious fanaticism, hunger, oppression and class consciousness but also by the filthy struggle for chair among parties. Political parties are failed to gather intellectual citizens around them.

Imran khan is asked numberless questions these days what steps he will take for change. The nation has selected Imran Khan not to be seated on the chair. He is less winner and more responsible now. He is now expected for making dream of the nation come true.

Oppositions are also the challenge for him to cope up with, for their conspiracy theories may be the hurdles in his way. Maulana Fazal ur Rehman’s rebelling behavior is of no use now. PPP is protesting and rejecting the result, PMLN is crying over spilt milk. So, Imran Khan has a vast plain of intrigues, hurdles and hardships but in spite of that he is supposed to implement bringing effectiveness by transforming an ideal society that we have dreamt.

There is a huge list of issues we are enduring which are needed to be categorized on the basis of priority.  At the one hand, economy which is ruined this much and one the other hand, legislature is at the verge not to give justifiable verdicts, tax that is paid only by 1% of Pakistanis which is alarming, rising debt which should be paid by adopting the mid-way and not to ask for more debt, improving our import export,  poor teaching institutes, federal, hospitals’ disturbing system, judiciary, road sense among people, unemployment, uneducated and frustrated behavior, rallies every day and so on, which is to be took serious.

And instead of jokers and clowns, students of higher level, academia, writers and journalists should be given chances and resources to run social movements for the betterment. Institutions are needed to be strengthened. Establishing patterns should be based on honesty.

The ideal need is to enlighten the minds of the people which have become primitive ones. We are less public now because a large number of heart-broken people couldn’t cast votes. Extremism should be cured.  There is need to identify the traitors in the country may cause of civil war. Proletariats should be elevated because they are huge in number.

Means of production should be modified to lessen the craze of materialism which is the reason of death of humanity sense. The need of money should be handled with such a technique to stop the tenet, ends on one word of money, money and money. But herewith, the young generation and other citizens are lacking civic sense and true knowledge also that they should come to know the reality that Imran Khan or any other person cannot fix Pakistan within five years but can take it to improvement.


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