Is it Democracy?

Innovative ideas for social betterment in political system are like stagnant water. Social circumstances have been brought towards destruction through defective political system where political parties are busy in pulling each other by revealing their corruption and this tactic works well to make people tend to the party which is less bad and having no approach of better or best. Youths’ psyche is played because they are emotional and not logical. Youth, which is interested in political ploy and unacquainted of the reasons of poor social system, has no enthusiasm more than saying shallow slogans in streets near elections.
Secondly, as it is seen that Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah opined that students can play a significant role in shaping the country, and events in 1968-69 shook Pakistan in the form of defying Martial Law taken by Ayub Khan in 1958. This Martial Law became weaker in political sense in 1969.  It was revolutionary situation witnessed in knocking down the oppressor by proletariat. Students, peasants and workers played enthusiastic part.
It will be wrong entirely if we say that it is not revolutionary situation. Question arises who will take initiative being a student, waged labor, peasant or revolutionary poet like Habib Jalib who inspire people to bring change in society now. Social change is possible through the struggle among social classes.
Education affects social condition but academic education isn’t sufficient. Illiteracy is at peak on the one hand, and on the other hand, intellect is victimized by poverty, the poor are oppressed, emotional mental approach among people, all cause social destruction. Intelligent journalists who feed their favorite newspapers and channels and this biased system has destroyed the system entirely.
Election 2018, in which voting is nothing more than a joke in the country in the name of democracy. At first, people are made unaware of the things which are worth-knowing and then it is called democratic state. There are hundred thousand speculations of which party will won election but the question is who will vote and to whom and what is the ratio of literacy, illiteracy, real know-how, biased and unbiased approach towards political parties, intellectual poverty, foolish upper class, exploitation among social classes, lack of resources, motherly emotions, honesty, corruption, affective economy and justice which is like a foggy jungle where none can be guided in right way in the country.
Laborers are in abundance to vote and voted are exploiters and those who corrupt being Prime Minister along with 65 family members. Modern democracy is based on the coalition policies among parties. Furthermore, democracy doesn’t mean running orange train and metro bus. There is immense need of emerging Iqbal’s philosophic political ideas and his motivational poetry that can bring revolution. There is also need of Socrates who can make people start questioning and thinking over everything which is wrong.
Democracy is opposite of dictatorship said by the philosopher Karl Popper. Democracy which means that citizens are given the right of voting to the person they regard as true leader having honest leadership qualities. In Pakistan, on the name of democracy, one less bad leader is selected and rumors and stories are spread about ‘Rigging’ after he is selected. Through which the whole nation is kept busy on listening and telling speculations. This practice is made on every election.
Moreover, Imran khan is winner before playing in the ground and without any combatant and the party that may have much merit to win has been proved a sorry figured which can be harmful for IK because anyone can be Sydney Carton of Charles Dickens. More possibly, NS may be proved as Aristotle’s set criteria of tragic hero with whom there may be  sympathies of the citizens.
The verdict about NS and Maryam was totally wrong if rule of law and rule of men are gone through. Imran khan is made PM not because he is capable of chair but because of some biased powers. We are noticing politics everywhere but democracy nowhere. Modern democratic strategy is not being practiced in Pakistani democracy which causes destruction of institutions by establishment. So, what are elections being conducted for? It’s questionable.

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