India is facing what was once felt in Italy and United Kingdom in the peak time of the Covid Pandemic. But currently while talking with some of the friends and family members in the UK, they seem to be happy with what Johnson Govt. is doing for them. But on the other hand, when India is facing the same situation, the Indian Government is not doing enough or is capable of doing enough for the general public. There is uncertainty to fight with Covid in India right now. Burial and disposing of dead bodies become a headache as space to bury or set at the fire are shrinking due to hits of Covid. The daily death toll is in thousands now. New infections are also in huge numbers. Once we heard the same about Iran, Italy, and other most affected countries and now the situation is worst in India.

Why did the Indian Government fail to do needful? Why we are witnessing the cries and tears of the general public in India? Surely, Indian Vigilance is now in question. Events like Kumbh Mela were held even in the peak time of this pandemic and the Indian Government ignored the severity of the situation. Nothing is going to happen, they assumed. But this wasn’t the case. India is now facing the most difficult time of its history. This is not only causing the problem for India but it will create more and more problems for the whole world again. Once in the recent past, Iran and Italy became hot points of Covid and the whole world tried to limit this evil pandemic there but it wasn’t the case. Authorities are still unable to the aware general public

What should Pakistan do as a neighboring country to India? We have to adopt some strict standard operations procedures (SOPs) to tackle this rise as the daily death toll in Pakistan is already on a rise, touching to 200 deaths in a single day. Laziness and going slow in the disastrous situation are causing the problem for Pakistan and the Pakistani Government. The army is being called to assured strict compliance of Covid SOPs, but is it good enough? Are we now safe after calling in Army Jawans for help? Surely not. We are going to face in a month or two which India is facing right now. Earlier in the second wave of the corona, it was the same case that Pakistan faced its peak time towards covid19 just two months after India get jolted by the Second wave of Corona. If this is the case then Pakistan is going to see a rise in corona numbers in the last half of April or in May. Right now is the time to act wisely but are far away from our targets. The vaccination process is still slow to meet the fast race of critical time. Responsible authorities are still not been able to aware the general public of the severity of the third wave of Corona in Pakistan. Another problem is just knocking down on our doors, availability of Oxygen in hospitals as well as to patients at home. Concerns are already on the rise that Pakistan will not be able to provide enough Oxygen if the condition gets worst just like it did in India. Pakistan Steel Mill Oxygen Production Plant is in news for this purpose. But it is just a piece of positive news only. Practically what we can get from this plant will be determined after a thorough technical checkup. It won’t happen in a split of a second as it is going to take some time, even if the possibility report is positive.

What should we do which India didn’t? We have to put pressure on the public to go for Covid Vaccination. China is already supporting Pakistan for free dozes. So The Government of Pakistan ensures the easy availability of vaccination. People are still reluctant to get vaccinated which is not going to help Pakistan at any stage. The home vaccination process may also be started to help aged and ill persons get vaccinated at their doorstep. Strict actions against violators of SOPs are also in this critical situation. No one is following business hours which were settled by NCOC. Shutter-down type businesses are still running down in bazaars and local markets. Who is going to stop that practice? Of course law enforcement agencies. As Ramzan is progressing, Eid shopping may result in a rise of positive cases because the public is not following regular SOPs and other guidelines. Impose huge fines on after eleventh-hour business. Masking the general public is also a huge task to be done. Local transport also needs some attention as they carry shoulder-to-shoulder passengers in vans. District courts, hotels, even lawns, factories, mills, limited companies, stop points, etc need an eye, as gatherings are still happening even after clear SOPs by NCOC.

To avoid a situation like India is facing now, we have to act wisely. Collection effort is needed. Government, the Public, and all other stakeholders should have to join their hands to help work in the eradication of Covid19. We have so little time to do so much work. Extra efforts are needed by each Pakistani and from our Government. If we don’t stand firm now, then there will be no time to do so.