Jahangir Khan Tareen, Acceptance in Denial

Yes! He denied that he is not joining any other political party. Yes! He also categorically said that he is not joining PPP, to be exact. He denied all media reports and rumors. But yet, something is cooking in the political kitchen of Pakistan. Ingredients are all set to be added in the cooking pot and the fire is flaming high. Sometimes rumors may come true; propaganda becomes reality, lies change into truth. That’s the same case with Mr. Jahangir Khan Tareen. He denied all media reports to join any other political party. Especially he denied any meeting with Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood or with any other Political Leader of PPP. Denial accepted, but there is still something fishy and tasty is being cooked in the kitchen of Pakistani politics.

Once JKT faced taunting words of the “ATM of PTI” and more or less, a topmost close friend of current Prime Minister Imran Ahmad Khan. He was a motivational speaker, revolutionary leader, a close friend of Chairman PTI, the smiling face of the party, etc for supporters of PTI. And yes, this was true as once I met with a renowned journalist who said some amazing words i.e. “Plane of JKT is running like a yellow cab in favor of PTI and Chairman PTI Mr. Imran Khan”. It was an open secret of the time. Jahangir Tareen was a good enough doer for Imran Khan and PTI to form Government both at federal level and in Punjab. He further helped his party to form the government with allies in Balochistan. KPK was always in favor of PTI.

Suddenly we witnessed a huge change in the political scenario for JKT. He was not only hammered with cases against him and his family members but also he left the scene for some time and moved to the UK to avoid the limelight of propaganda cum truth against him. He left the political scene to silence some vocal voices right from his love affair, PTI. From here on, JKT smelled something fishy in the political kitchen and started trying to arrange some other arrangements for him. He met with Nawaz Sharif in London, unconfirmed reports claimed. But he also denied such reports just like he is denying right not regarding joining PPP.

Did he meet with Nawaz Sharif? Did he show his willingness to join PMLN? Common friends tried to convince him for a role in PMLN? All questions are yet to be answered but one thing was clear after that Imran Khan is not letting flee his love bird. He assured JKT through some friends to calm down as PTI and IK wanted him to come back for face-saving. Lose to PTI was supposed to be immense if JKT accepted the proposal of PMLN at that time. This was denied by proper handling by PTI and IK. Mr. Tareen came back and yet again IK needed some strong moves to divert the attention of the general public from poverty so cases are again on a move against JKT and Family. And once again JKT seems to be angry with the PTI regime and his “close friend” Imran Khan. He is again ready to criticize the current government for cases against him.

All of this may become wasted but suddenly the political scenario witnessed news regarding JKT and Mahkhdoom Ahmad Mahmood meeting. Whether this meeting took place or not, but surely, something is happening to counter the ongoing situation against JKT. We assume that JKT is not joining any other political party but surely he is using this tactic against his love of life, PTI. Further, JKT is an eye-witness to some historical and important events of PTI and Imran Khan so he is still important for PTI. Any political party may cash secrets JKT is having with him. PTI won’t allow or want to get into such a situation at any cost.

No doubt, JKT denied all media reports to join PPP or having any meeting with Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood. But there is still something in nothing. Smoky scenes always have something interesting and amazing behind them. The tone of JKT is saying it all. Something really interesting is happening and will be ready in the coming days.



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