One Nation, One Curriculum – Accept the Change!

Nations do not evolve unless equality is practiced. Likewise, people don’t accept change unless justice normalizes. Pakistan has long been waiting for the fair educational system to get into action that would pave way for an underprivileged and manipulated sect of society to get courage and stand up for their rights. Multiple national policies came into being since the inception and yet seemed hollow in terms of pragmatism. Governments came and spoke about equality yet never proposed a vision to implement it.

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Pakistan and China, Iron Brothers and Strategic Partners – Today and Forever

Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan’s special letter to Chinese newspaper Global Times to mark the special occasion of 70 years of diplomatic ties, given the special significance of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

“We emphatically endorse the spirit and philosophy of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Pakistan has always upheld the “One-China Policy” and supported China on Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and South China Sea issues.”

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The Perplexed Emerging Scene of Afghanistan

he present situation of Afghanistan can be described as a bus standing at a station, for instance, in Lahore with all its passengers having bought valid tickets to travel through it. However, astonishingly enough, a group of passengers wants the bus to drive them to Karachi while the remaining passengers want to travel in the opposite direction: Peshawar. Now the bus administration is also perplexed as to where to go for all the passengers, having the tickets, have a legal right to travel through the bus to reach their respective destinations.

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The immiserizing state of education in ‘Naya Pakistan’

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) government has completed two and a half years of its tenure, and the education sector of Pakistan seems not quite much to be in line with the party’s already-set manifesto pertaining to the education system. In the year 2013, before coming into government, PTI painted a picture of its ‘six-point education policy’ framework that is intended to put into practice.

The six points that were to become part of PTI’s election manifesto, were; one education system for all, reengineering governance based on complete decentralization, increasing budget funds, adult education, teacher training, and information and communication technology. Currently, the government looks unable to materialize these points into reality.

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