Declaration of Association of Pakistani Independent Online Journalism Platforms

The representatives of independent online journalism platforms from across Pakistan, gathered in Lahore on November 18-19, 2020 and issued the following declaration:

We, the representatives of independent online journalism platforms from across Pakistan, gathered in Lahore on November 18-19, 2020, have agreed to join together into an Association and outlined its following mission and core charter:

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Bureaucracy in the Developing World

Bureaucracy in the contemporary developing world has secured a decisive position in the process of political development or retrogression. Being the colonial legacy, the nation-building for civil officers remained far from their traditional administrative approach. Given the fact, involving the non-political executives in the process of political development and nation-building, the incumbent government again resorted to the buzzword ‘reforms’.

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Why A Foam Company Needs a Retired Brigadier as HR-Head?

‘Araam ka hay naam’ is the tagline of Diamond Foam. The recognized mattress company recently placed a vacancy ad in an English language daily for the position of Director Administration. Like the requirements of any merit-based hiring process, one expected to read a job description along the lines of ‘a set of skills, a relevant degree, and experience in the field’. But alas, this company was not looking for any of the above qualities in a candidate, to fit the vacant supervisory role; instead, the ad specified in clear terms that it sought a retired brigadier to lead its HR, transport, and logistical operations.

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Pakistan Belt and Road Chief Under Pressure to Resign

KARACHI — Asim Saleem Bajwa, the retired general who heads the powerful China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Authority — the government agency that oversees China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects in Pakistan — has come under pressure to resign after allegations of corruption in his family busineses surfaced.

According to an expose last month in Fact Focus, a Pakistani online news portal, growth of the Bajwa family’s business interests tracked his military career. The story alleged that Bajwa, who is also special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan for information and broadcasting, used his influence to help his family amass huge wealth.

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Missing Pens!

Over the past two democratic tenures, Punjab has shown positive yet sometimes sparkling growth signs. Please refer to multiple governmental and non-governmental figures issued over the past ten years as I do not indent to share any stats in this article. Anyways, moving back to the discussion the only factor that helped the growth phenomena was nothing else but the will and courage to take decision.

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Scapegoats to the Slaughter

Five years back it was crooked Hilary and now it is Sleepy Joe, Trumps antics continue. Many may have taken him as a moronic blowhard but it is hard to ignore his tactics and their results. Through his unorthodox approach and highfalutin jargon, he may come across inappropriate but one thing he has managed to solidify in the minds of his supporters is that he is speaking from his heart. The very affect that Hilary could not have.

A major part in that was played by the crooked Hilary campaign, unleashed on social media. Despite his history, Trump was able to convince the American bourgeoisie that he is a direct and honest outsider. More importantly he was able to paint Hilary Clinton as a fraudulent, Janus-faced politician. Once Hilary’s illegitimacy was established, rest is history.

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