Being Mentally Stable Counts…

Did you ever wake up more tired?
Did you ever feel that your thoughts are draining your energy out?

Feeling yourself a burden, or being blamed for overthinking, or being called too much obsessed with the past, being called a coward because you are unable to control the influence of your thoughts on yourself?

Come over… let me tell you, you are the bravest among the human race, fighting the atrocities of the world as well as your own self.

Why don’t we take a moment to accept that mental health issues are real? Why we need a day to accept this thing or just an organization. Why don’t we encourage those who are still fighting to survive?

You will grow up listening, you have everything… why are you then this negative.

Tell them mental peace doesn’t come with things… you are fighting for mental peace and it’s a hard nut to crack

To those who don’t understand, you think it’s easy living in such a traumatic situation where your thoughts keep tormenting you, is it easy to self-harm, to cut your veins and see yourself bleed.. to swallow numerous pills when you even choke, Hanging yourself to death when you are suffocated, and if you survive that becomes the worst.

Stop blaming them for being responsible for their situation. Accept the fact that this is real, if they trust you don’t mock their situation, just be a reason they opt to continue living, just be a reason they feel relaxed, just be a reason their worst phase ends.

They don’t need doctors or therapists or medicine every time. Sometimes all they need is someone to whom they can open up their heart.

Don’t start giving lectures, just give some time to listen to them, because mental health problems are real and even worse than physical pain.

They are on a verge of war between the living and giving up. Be the reason living wins this war.

Stay strong… YOU CAN DO IT!

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