Let Women Carry a Weapon for Protection

If you can not come up with legislation with effective implementation to protect women than they should be legally allowed to carry a knife or minor weapon with them when they go around anywhere because the ongoing incidents have made it difficult for us to rely on the law and law enforcing agencies. The situation is so discomforting and fearful that we fear our next step and every person that comes across us in our way.

Make our lives easy. Either ensure implementation and our security or else at least allow us to take measures to protect ourselves.

Now you say the victims were provocative, They invited it, They were dressed this way. Why were they outside?

May I ask was that mother of two driving back home was provocative or unnecessarily outside. Or that five-year-old girl or all the minors provocative or inviting this thing.

The doctor going back home or the female lawyer kidnapped when she left office and then raped, was unnecessarily outside.

When motorway police were called they said it’s not their jurisdiction. Is this how you are protecting and asking us to be fearless when you are around

When will we start admitting the culprit’s mistake and stop this advocacy of rapists?

We are done with this hypocrisy. Why word respect and protection is for your daughter’s sister and mothers and the one’s outside don’t deserve it. When will we start putting an end to this rather than advocating the wrong because we all know that it’s not dress, age, or place that they target? It’s just women, but women are the target, not the reason, because the five-year-old or the minors are not even in this category. It is the criminals’ mental instability, the inhumane monster in them, and the lust that results in this way.
Make the world a place for women to survive too; surviving with dignity and respect!

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