Being human beings we are living in a society and our lives are fully under societal pressures. Societal pressures are those pressures due to which we set some rules for our lives according to the expectations of people living in a society and apply those rules in every matter of our life such as in our education, marriage, jobs, etc. Our lives are fully under the control of these pressures and because of it, we cannot do what we want to do in our lives and hide our desires and goals inside us.

Sometimes such pressures are important to keep society organized but when these pressures exceed to a great extent it starts destroying human lives. Some of the societal pressures include academic pressure, marriage pressure, career pressure and peer pressure, etc.

Academic pressure is such a pressure in which a student is pressurized by both parents and teachers to fulfill their expectations in studies and take grades that are according to the expectations of parents and teachers. Sometimes parents in pressure of relatives and friends compare one of their children to another and hope that he will be good in studies like his/her siblings but if this does not happen and he/she is not good in studies like his/her siblings then parents put pressure on him/her. This stress can sometimes make a child depressed and he/she becomes unable to do the things he/she is capable of doing.

Marriage pressure refers to the pressure to get married by parents, relatives, and other members of our social circle. Almost all the boys and girls, especially girls after their graduation or at the age of 22-25 heard “When you are going to get married?” or “Your marriage age is passing”. Such comments lead to stress, disappointment, or even unhappiness among them because they have some dreams and aims for their life. Such phrases eliminate self-confidence in them and many times because of it they cannot continue their career and education because they lose their focus.

The pressure to choose a career by family, friends, and other relatives refers to the career pressure and it is something which does not stop even after acquiring a job. Often the profession we choose has to do with our society. Our society inculcates this thought in the mind of the young generation that the only noble professions are becoming a teacher, engineer, doctor, or joining the military.

Other professions that are related to arts are not considered that much noble. So the people belonging to such professions lose their self-confidence and often they begin to feel inferior. Parents and relatives force youngsters to choose only professions that are considered noble in society even if they are not interested in those professions. They are always lost in the thought of how they will cope with society if they do not get a good job. This leads to stress and depression among them.

Peer pressure refers to the pressure on an individual to change their attitudes, behaviors, and values according to their peer groups. Peers play a very important role in the life of an individual and greatly influence his/her behavior. Peer pressure can be positive or negative. It depends on your peer company. Positive peer pressure is when your peers force you to work hard which leads you to success and negative peer pressure is when you start smoking because your peers think that it is cool to smoke.

It would not be wrong to say that our lives are largely under the pressure of society. We must try to eliminate these social pressures from our lives. We need to understand that everyone has different dreams for their life; everyone has different abilities and minds. We should try to do what we can do better and not underestimate anybody. Every human being has his/her importance in society. We must remember that society is for us, we are not for society. We need to understand this so we may be able to lead our lives without any pressure.