Once upon a time, there was a king. He was very kind and generous to his subjects. He fought many wars and occupied a lot of territories. His conquests became very popular and he was given the epithet of the king of the world. He was near to become the sole ruler of the world when one day his minister told him that the spy parrot is not there in his cage. He became worried and sent for the expert hunters to catch the bird. The hunter returned disappointed, as they got no news of the spy parrot. The king was then informed that the enemy has caught the parrot.


This was bad news for the king as the parrot was the most authentic source of information for him. It was famous in his domain that all the adventures of the king of the world were successful due to the parrot. He could reach those places where human beings could not even peep, and that was a fact too. The king could not bear that loss. He ordered his armies to prepare for the campaign against the audacious prince who had dared to catch his parrot.

When the preparations were complete and armies were waiting for the green signal to move, the king got the news from his minister that the spy parrot has arrived in the palace. The king thought that the prince who had caught the bird might have made it to divulge all the secrets to him. This made the king suspicious of the parrot and he decided to punish the spy parrot. He called for his courtiers and put the case before them.

Very few were of the opinion that the spy parrot must be punished. The minister was in the favour of harsh treatment of the parrot. He made weighty arguments in favor of his stance and ensured the king that the spy parrot might have told the rival prince each and everything. The king was not aware of the covert interests of the minister. The minister was ambitious and wanted to become king himself.

He had thought of a plan to make infuriate the king so much that he might kill the parrot the reason for his conquests. The king announced the decision that the spy parrot must be kept hungry and thirsty before killing him so that he might reveal the truth. His orders were announced and the curator of the spy parrot was informed of this decision.

The king had a son who was coming of the age. He also heard the announcement and was very uncomfortable over that. He was in love with the parrot. He thought to save the parrot at any cost. He went to the aviary and asked the guard to fetch some water for him. When the guard went away to fetch water he released the bird. The guard returned and became aware of the situation. He at once fetched the news to the minister.

The minister was sure of the doom of the king but that act seemed his defeat. He modified his conspiracy and decided to make the son of the king his first prey along with the parrot. He went to the king and instigate him about his son. He said that his son had violated the treason law and deserve severe punishment. If he connived at this time each and everybody would dare to violate the law.

The king ordered to abdicate the boy and ousted him from his palace. The boy prince knew that he could mete out such punishment and readily left the palace for the forest. He was much tired when he reached the jungle. He sat down under a tree to take a rest for a while. He was much fatigued and soon fell to sleep. He awakened on hearing the song of the Parrot.

He looked around him and saw that a parrot was trying to awaken him by singing his favorite poem. He recognized the parrot and told him that he had been ostracized by his father due to releasing him. The parrot sympathized with him and told him to follow him.

The boy prince followed him. After a short while, they were under a large bunion tree. The parrot asked him to dig its stem. The boy prince did so and found a coffer there buried in the ground. He excavated the coffers and decided to reside there in the jungle. He constructed a splendid palace and hired a lot of people to guard him. He also raised an army of selected and valiant warriors who were ready to live and die for him.

Behind in his father’s states, the rival prince had invaded more of his father’s status and the minister had also rebelled. The minister switched his loyalties in favor of the rival prince. In that way, his father lost his dominions and was forced to vacate the palace as well as all the amenities. His life was saved just to punish him as he was made to beg.

The minister once again devised a plan to wrest the powers from the rival prince and was relentlessly killed by him. Many years passed when one day a person met the boy prince when he was hunting in the forest. The alien was in such a bad condition that the boy prince could not recognize him as his father. He asked one of his companions to give him a ride to the palace. The boy prince returned and asked the whereabouts of the alien. The alien started weeping and told him that he was his unfortunate father.

The boy prince then embraced him and gave him the due regard of a father. His father admitted that he was wrong in punishing the spy parrot and him. He was ashamed of his cruel act