Women’s empowerment means promoting the positive self-image of women, their capability to regulate their own choices, and their right to create change in society for others and themselves. The trend of “Women’s March” is very common nowadays. The women’s march is called and understood through women empowerment. But this is not true at all. People who think that the women’s march is giving women their rights or promoting women empowerment are completely wrong.

Every woman who joins or participates in the women’s march is either a celebrity or a member of an elite family. By participating in the women’s march, these women gain fame and celebrities try to prove that they are speaking out for the rights of oppressed women by uploading their pictures on their social media accounts. But the women who are oppressed do not even know much about this march. Every year in the name of the women’s march, women gather on the streets and carry various placards and chant slogans. The slogans that these women raise and the writings that are written on these placards are not related to women’s empowerment. On the contrary, these strange slogans are causing obscenity in society. The women’s march is not only a failed attempt to give women their rights but also humiliates them.

Women participate in this Aurat March from different parts of Pakistan and said that this march is for the protection of their rights but there is an urgent need to think about whether any woman has got her rights or justice through this women’s march to date? The most famous slogan of the women’s march called “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” was so much criticized for not conveying the real issues of women in the country and diminishing values. The national assembly board called this slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” indecent and immoral. This slogan was discussed abundantly and many strives were started by rightists on social media against this slogan.

Everyone is using this slogan as they see fit. This thing is spreading obscenity in society. A lot of people do not understand the meaning and purpose behind the slogan of “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”. Many people understand it in a vulgar way which greatly negatively affects the environment of society. The supporters of the women’s march said that this slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” is about control of women over their bodies but those people who oppose this March have viewed it in a sexual sense. According to many people, this slogan is aimed at gaining freedom in the choice of dress.

The supporters of the women’s march said that the purpose of this March is to give women their rights while many people not only misunderstand its purpose but everyone understands it according to their mentality. When many people do not understand the true purpose of the women’s march, how will they support those who are proponents of it? The women who took to the streets in support of this march say that they are giving women their rights while it is difficult for any woman to get rights through this march and these women also put themselves in trouble.

Women who support this march are threatened by many people and face many other difficulties.
I believe the Women’s march is not for the empowerment of any woman it is waste of time and only a strategy of getting fame.

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