The Day, Eliza Got Away!


I felt encouraged and did exactly what she said. I left Eliza’s bed outside the garage with the garage door open, left the window of the corner room slightly open, left empty food containers with my chairs with clothes that she likes to sleep on outside the front door. I went to bed close to midnight hoping she would come back home on her own. In the middle of the night, I felt her hopping over me and getting to the dry food container on the nightstand. I got up, turned the light on. She looked fine. She wasn’t injured or anything. I picked her up and scolded her about running away and getting lost. She kept her little paws over my fingers and looked at me with her innocent face as if she were apologizing. I left her eating and closed all the doors and windows.

The next morning, when I got up, she didn’t bother requesting the wet food that she always craved. She was apparently exhausted from her nightly adventure. I left her sleeping, making sure all doors were closed so she won’t be able to get out again. Eliza has ventured out a few times before but she is usually right outside and we find her pretty quickly. This time, I was really scared. What if we had lost her forever? Would I ever forgive myself for my negligence? Why in the world have we humans devoted ourselves to this selfish little deity?

After I learned Eliza’s breed loves water, I filled the bathtub with water and tried bringing Eliza close to it. I could feel her claws tightening over my forearms. She jumped out of my arms and ran away. When I followed her, she hid under the bed. Apparently, Eliza has been completely westernized and has lost the ways of her people.

Elize just had her eleventh birthday two days ago when we sang the whole birthday song in cat language.

Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow!

She had a wet food cake, two candles representing the number eleven, and a birthday hat that she reluctantly tolerated for a whole 30 seconds before running away as it hung on the side of her neck.

Hassan, Emaan, and Naveed were relieved to find out Eliza had returned. Naveed said that he dreamt of her being in the window and woke up with the dreadful thought of her being gone. I realized how everyone in the family has bonded with Eliza, and her absence was not going to go unnoticed. Emaan said Isha would be furious if we had lost Eliza. “I was going to blame you guys”, I said to them and we all laughed together. Nobody wishes for Isha’s wrath.


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