Sheep Minds and Puppet Approaches!

I want to become an engineer! I want to be a doctor! I want to be a teacher! I want to be a pilot! I want to be a singer! I want to become an actor! These are not simply the statements that children usually state nor have the real desires in them. However, these are only the reflections of what is in their surroundings and something that is taken too fancy so helplessly bounded by society’s norms and human cliché psyche; children are unable to think out of the box.

Why is that and why it does not change? Children are given a box covered with fancy psyche made coverings and fillings for which they work without realizing the need to ask what is in that box and why am I not given the options to choose from? Why am I not eligible for something better or greater than what this mere box is offering?

Our minds are tuned to guide actions that function in a way that is widely accepted and hugely respected by ‘people’ to safeguard the honor that we carry as our only asset that needs to be protected.

I want to be a politician! Have you had this desire? Do you want to change the system? Do you have any better solutions to resolve current scenarios? Are you a better strategist? Do you want to be a leader? Do you want to be a Prime Minister, President, Ambassador, or a Beaurocrat? Yes, we want to be all of it because we know what’s right and what’s needed to be done to mitigate wrong. More of all, we actually know what it means to be an officeholder!

The dilemma is that we are not even allowed to communicate this desire nor we can express it to our elders because the system does not allow us to do so. We have been reading history books and we have never seen anyone other than some ‘prominent’ politicians and some ‘known ones’ and their stories. We have never seen the history books changing topics or modifying syllabuses because the system has not changed as yet. No new strategists, no new politicians, no new rulers emerge in all these years other than these some or few more who have done little, have taken all!

Don’t you want your struggle story to be published in history books? Don’t you want to have your picture under the ‘best rulers of Pakistan’ headings? Don’t you want to be studied by children as an incredibly serving politician? Don’t you want to be a part of history? We all want to serve our country in whatever domain we’re capable of. Why are we not given these chances? Why are we always getting examples of ‘some knowns’ and that’s it? Why are we not allowed to invent new slogans to be praised other than being given examples of the same ‘old’ ones known to all!

They justify their slogans and the wow factor is that people actually believe them without realizing the fact that if needs are not met and essentials are not granted, the mere fancy slogans do not matter at all.!

They say words carry importance and the power of mere words can change the perspectives and thus it had had officially been stamped by the ‘mind mechanics.’ They play with minds and score goals. The navies let them play because of the money they receive in return for being played. Poverty exists! Essentials Checked!!!!! Irony!

The ‘people’ have been ruling Pakistan forever and we have let them rule us. We are on the wrong side, not them. People play and score. Why we let them play us is what needs to be questioned! Why we have manifested sheep minds and puppet approaches?

Why can’t we have presidential debates and proper selection criteria? Why can’t we give chances to new young people to come and serve the country? We are reluctant to give a ‘country’ to the ‘new one’ because we fear if he fails, the country will ruin? Cute is what needs to be said here!

Benazir Bhutto was the first woman Prime Minister! Have you heard this or am I the only one who has been given examples of how incredibly genius she was? We all absolutely agree on the intellect BB carried. She was indeed a phenomenally talented woman but why we haven’t seen any woman Prime Minister after her? Why no young woman appears on the PM’s seat? Are we short of talent now? Or we not yet ready to explore one?!

When will we stop giving examples of foreign counties’ systems? When will we stop giving examples of the same people who have ruled and been ruling our country? When will we actually feel Pakistan be ‘ours’ too?! When will the time come and when will we realize the need to change the system? When will we realize the need to speak on what’s desired rather than being quiet for being given what’s ‘given’? When will we practice democracy? When will we practice ‘being humans’ and stop exercising ‘being dumb deaf puppets’?

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