TikTok Ban is a Priority but not Inflation in Naya Pakistan

Currently, Pakistan’s 64% of the population is less than the age of 30, and surprisingly is between the ages of 15-29 years.

This generation next religiously followed Captain IK as their hope and also the one who can fight for their real issues of economy, corruption, politics and moreover opportunities for them.

But it seems that Prime Minister Imran Khan and the team are not living up to the promise of Naya Pakistan and losing the track. Today inflation is the biggest challenge facing by the Pakistanis is an undeniable fact. This ever-rising inflationary trend can be termed as a testament to the Captain’s colossal failure to give the people a facade of respite from the devil of a price hike.

Naya Pakistan government’s decision to ban TikTok clarified an important factor that it has not set its priorities correct. Unfortunately, instead of providing the nation with the much-needed breathing space in terms of reduction in sky-high food prices, they decided to put a ban on TikTok hence proving the priorities clear on their front.

According to reports, with 43 million downloads, Pakistan is TikTok’s 12th largest market in the world, which clearly means the much-talked app is easily accessible to people irrespective of whether they live in a large city or a small village. The decision to ban the TikTok app has made millions of users angry and disappointed.

Undoubtedly app created ‘TikTok stars’ out of many ordinary citizens who have otherwise no traditional means to get to stardom while providing millions with the opportunity to showcase their talents. In many ways, the popularity of the app here was illustrative of how the internet and mobile phone infiltration can democratize a society.

But regrettably, the PTA put an end to that by banning the app for “immoral and indecent” content.

On the other hand every passing day, the Government of Naya Pakistan is leaving no stones and efforts to be termed as moral police. Rather it is the ban on a biscuit advertisement or apps such as Tinder or TikTok, the reasoning that something is indecent is often invoked to slap restrictions.

More dangerously, this viewpoint is endorsed by Captain IK who has often termed TikTok is promoting vulgarity and harming societal values.

Still wondering and amazed with the fact that why moral policing has become the Naya Pakistan Government’s most important priority while it has a number of issues to watch out.

The step to ban such platforms and apps strike of fear and ignorance. Not only does it run counter to the promise of a ‘Digital Pakistan’, it also undermines the government’s commitment to giving opportunities to the youth of the country.

The ban on TikTok is upset thousands of users who take advantage of their social media following to generate revenue through ads.

It’s high time for the Naya Pakistan Government to set priorities right, Inflation is the main challenge for the government, but it has miserably failed to protect the economy

While opposition alliance is all set to underscore the growing cost of living in their planned protests, the Naya Pakistan Government is left with fewer options to provide relief to those who actually voted for Naya Pakistan.

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