Healing will Stop You from Bleeding!

Some people are abused or go through something which changes their views about things, or it might be possible that they have lost their near and dear ones that now they are not in their senses and are blaming themselves. The most important thing in all this is to first of all accept the fact that nothing lasts forever. (it can be terrible moments, persons, or thoughts)

Being abused is very common now a day. We don’t even realize that a single word can make or break a person. We often think that we are superior, and this approach leads us to do things that we think are good but we don’t realize that it can affect someone’s life or it can make them insecure.

Secondly, people go through something which changes their views. For example, you have worked really hard for your exams, but you were not able to make your mark on one particular subject, and because of that, you fail. Just because of this you get mentally disturbed, why? Just because:

* what people will say?

* oh God this time I’ll not get a position in my class.

* my parents will think I don’t have enough abilities to achieve something.

Just like these, there are many other things which disturb you and you know what’s the end result of this you get disappointed and stop doing efforts.

Thirdly, when someone very close to you leaves you without giving any explanation and leave you questioning your worth. You keep on thinking where you went wrong? Why weren’t you enough for them? Was I toxic that they left me?

This all leads to anxiety and mood swings. You become sad even when there’s nothing to get sad about. You keep on remembering things which other people said to you and in this way you stress yourself even more. You stop talking to people. You don’t take care of yourself. You keep on questioning yourself.

You get mad at people who have not done anything wrong to you because there was a time when you trusted people and they betrayed you so now you don’t believe anyone. You don’t share your problems just because you think no one will understand you or people will think that you have gone mad.

You get upset when there’s nothing to get upset about it happens because you overthink your overthinking. You are giving place in your mind to things which are destroying you and are eating you day by day. Instead of healing yourself, you are bleeding.

Sometimes we do something which is not right because of the situation we are going through, but you know what It’s okay because the one who really loves you will not get mad or will not get irritated. But in this try not to say anything that will hurt the other person.

Sometimes we get mad at people because of the things people have told you. You start crying even on the smallest things. You start hating yourself. You keep on thinking that you will not be able to move on. And this is the point that leads you to destruction.

In all these, the most important thing is to remember that whatever happens, happens for a reason. If you have not achieved anything then there will be some good reason behind this. If someone has left you then there’s also a reason behind that. Because Allah doesn’t give us something which is not good for us so trust His plans. Trust that one day He will give you things which are beyond your imagination.

Last but not the least, going through things that are destroying you or are making you feel worthless should not be given a place in your mind. You should talk about things which are disturbing you because there’s nothing bad in feeling this way. There’s nothing wrong with going through phases that are not normal because we all go through this rough phase but the only difference is that some people are very good at hiding and some people are not able to do this. Remember nothing is permanent so why you are stressing yourself over things which will vanish one day.

Talk to people, tell them what you are going through. To trust me there are so many people out there who are ready to help you but you are not allowing them to come to you because of your past experiences. See not everyone is good and not everyone is bad so there comes a point in life where you need someone with whom you can share each and everything. Find that someone and maybe that someone can be someone from your surroundings but you are not allowing them to enter your life.

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