The City-State of Medina and Political Gimmick of the Incumbent Government

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln

The city-state of Medina – the first welfare state on mother earth was a miracle of the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). After the demise of the Holy Prophet, his companion further cemented his legacy. After the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali, the Umayyad Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz was, to some extent able to resemble his caliphate on the footprints and rules of the city-state of Medina – since then, no country can acclaim to be as per the rules and regulations of the city-state of Medina.

The state was a complete example of socioeconomic justice, protection of human rights, patience, responsibility, piety, austerity, an admirable governing system, meritocracy, was a blow to nepotism, and a place for respect. There was neither a doctrine of necessity nor anyone who was above the law.

The incumbent prime minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan after assuming power as premier announced that he will run the government in the footprints of the city-state of Medina. It has been three and a half years that the new Pakistan of Imran khan has been in a quagmire and out of track which he wished and promised for.

There is no single evidence in the affairs of the city sate of Medina when nepotism had penetrated, where merit had been compromised, or when corrupt people had been given provided a safe passage. Unlike the city-state of Medina, the proponents of new Pakistan are involved in nepotism, by compromising meritocracy and leaving the corrupt unanswered.

In the city-state of Medina, no one even could ever think of corruption, but here in New Pakistan, the country has plunged into Corruption. Even though, irregularities of Rs 40 billion have been found in the Corona relief fund. We have witnessed many scandals such as the Medicine scandal, Wheat and Sugar scandal, and the Ring road scandal__ where the right and left of Mr Khan have either fled abroad or have been left unquestioned.

On the economic front, Riba was banned in the city-state of Medina. Whereas in the affairs of the new Pakistan, it has prime importance__in both national and international level. Piteously, a loan has been taken from Saudi Arabia at a 4 per cent interest rate for one year.

The so-called exaggeration of Imran Khan by naming politicians as corrupt, dacoits, and murderers and saying that he will never make an alliance with them has defaced his hypocritical political aims for the fulfilment of his vested interests. His collation with the PML Q, the MQM, and favouring turncoats for his party are short of the norms of the city-state of Medina.

Austerity was another important feature of the city-state of Medina. At current, the salary of the prime minister is around 2 lac whereas the ministers have been living luxurious life at the expense of the people. A separate aeroplane for the prime minister and his journey from prime minister house to Bani Gala does not reflect the austerity as like of the City of Medina.

Administratively, the paraphrasing of Hazrat Umar “If a Dog dies on the banks of the River Euphrates, Umar will be responsible for dereliction of duty.” speaks volumes of his calibre as an administrator, and as a representative of the ruled. Dissimilarly, in Naya Pakistan, people are starved. Millions have been trapped in poverty and millions have lost jobs. People are compelled to commit suicide. The government has failed to control price hikes, hoarding, and inflation.

There was a separation of personal business and state affairs in the city stare of Medina. The Caliphs used to stop their business activities after assuming the charge. But in Naha Pakistan, the scenario is reversed. The President of the state uses its office for personal business regardless of conflict of interests. The proponent of Naya Pakistan Mr Imran Khan has zipped his lips on a private agreement (between President family private business centre Alvi Dental with Bringing Smile USA worth 25 million dollarswhich was signed in Governor house Sindh in the presence of President Dr Arif Alvi

The above shortcomings had already penetrated Pakistan before Mr Imran Khan took the oath as prime minister. He should have the foresight that he could not be able to revamp these challenges as per the city-state of Medina. It has been three and a half years in his power, along his ministers are still exaggerating that Pakistan resembles the city-state of Medina. This political gimmick might not work for them any more__as ground realities gesticulate that the policies of the incumbent government are far from the basic rules and regulations of the city-state of Medina.


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