Mental Health Issues Among Youngsters

In every corner and silt of the world, most of the people are suffering from severe problems, but nowadays, youngsters who are the future have agonized from mental health, anxiety, and depression. Here the question arises that why are individuals at such young ages stressed?

The age of 15 to 22 is the time period where they must be healthy from all aspects because they have a long life ahead to work on their goals and for the betterment of their country. This may include their healthy sleeping period, doing activities and regular sports or exercise, and developing new skills. This age is contemplated as learning and observing age where they adopt different behavior and attitude which they adopt from their surroundings either good or bad. They are more passionate to adopt things and be emotionally attached to them.

According to the research depression, is the main cause of illness among young people and due to this suicide is considered to be the most happening thing around the world. Nowadays, depression is common among people aged 14 to 30. Most people are bullied on different social media platforms which affects their mental health and social injustice also sometimes leads a person into depression.

One of the root causes of depression among youngsters is the lack of opportunities and unemployment. The individuals who have freshly graduated from universities want to gain some experience and want to go for their desired job, but in the end, they get nothing according to their wishes, and some people end their lives because of unemployment and the circumstances that have been happening because of their joblessness.

Some people going through hard and exhausting times and some suffer from heartbreaks and emotional abuse and these facts are not being taken seriously but somehow it leads a person into depression and cause serious mental illness and in the end, a person abolishes every other activity and other interpersonal communications and isolate themselves from the outside world and in the end they take their own life.

The reason for poor mental health may be that children are scared to share their problems with anyone, they are afraid of the judging nature of our society here a tiny problem becomes the huge one. The time between the age 10 to 25 is the most precious in which a person has to mold him according to the situations but the worst part is that some children’s are not privileged enough to afford anything for themselves and life sometimes take a ride from the worst circumstances around at such a young age where they lose their innocence inside them and take the responsibilities of their families on their young aged shoulders. It is quite disturbing for them but the circumstances such as poverty, mistreat and violence make them, adults and cause severe anxiety which makes them weak and endangered to think about the situations they are facing, and the worst part is that they cannot share what is happening with them.

Not only youngsters but also children are facing some kind of anxiety because they are mistreated either by their parents or society. sometimes they are compared to other children who are doing great in their school and other activities. These comparisons make them feel disheartened because of their own family, so they avoid every gathering where they have been devalued.

To protect the future generation from these severe depressions, we need to promote and satisfy the children’s well-being and save them from psychological and mental illness from situations that affect their energy to achieve their goals. Mental health in our country is not considered a serious issue unless some individual commits suicide or hurts them.

Globally, governments should work on mental awareness and start support groups programs where every person can share their story where everyone is allowed to talk whatever they want, and the experts and psychiatrists understand them and give them solutions, and so they will come out of that phase of life.


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