Depression and Misconceptions

In this day and age, I hear the same phrase in every house and that is “Depression will make my head explode” I myself suffer from depression for many days on small things, in this day and age every Another person suffers from depression for one reason or another.

Depression is spreading rapidly all over the world including Pakistan and we are carrying the depression on ourselves. Every little thing is thought so much that a person’s brain starts exploding. According to the report of the World Health Organization, one person in twenty suffers from depression. Due to depression, a person is unable to lead a normal life. If you want to live a normal life, it is not possible because people who are constantly depressed start calling them crazy. More than 260 million people around the world suffer from depression and they fail to live a good life.

In our country it is said that depression goes away on its own. There is no need to go to a doctor. But this is not the case at all. Psychologists say that just as there is a cure for depression, there is also a cure for depression. People who suffer from depression are said to go insane. And they are sent to insane asylums while it does not happen. In addition to sending them to insane asylums, depression patients can be cured. Getting a good night’s sleep can also reduce depression.

It is said that staying away from a mentally ill person can do anything at any time. There is no such thing. Most people are afraid to talk to a mental patient if we talk to a depressed person in a kind way, they never say anything. Some people may have a specific cause of depression and not even Many people who are depressed and suffer from depression do not understand the cause of their depression. Nevertheless, their depression sometimes becomes so severe that they need help and treatment.

How can depression be treated?

Depression can be treated with psychotherapy, antidepressants and both at the same time. Depending on the nature of your depressive symptoms, their severity and your condition, it is recommended that you use medication better or use psychotherapy, psychotherapy for mild to moderate depression. It may be, but if the depression is severe, it may be necessary to take medication.

What happens if depression is not treated?

Eighty percent of depressed patients recover without treatment, but it can take four to six months or more. What do you think needs to be treated then? The reason is that the remaining 20% of patients will be depressed for the next two years without treatment and it is not possible to predict in advance who will recover and who will not recover. If nature can be improved, then why did man continue to suffer so much for many months?  Some people become so depressed that they commit suicide.

So, if your depressive symptoms have intensified and are not diminishing, your depression has begun to affect your work, interests, and relationships with relatives and friends, or you. Thoughts are beginning to emerge that there is no point in living and it is better for other people to die, so you should see your doctor or psychiatrist immediately for your treatment.


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