Another 5 February is yet to be passed and Kashmir nhi ban saka Pakistan. Each year, we celebrate Kashmir day with a purpose to express our solidarity with Kashmiris. It is unfortunate that amid rhetorical speeches and aggressive statements by the government ministers, the Kashmir Day of 2021 is not going to bring a productive and practical outcome for Kashmiris and for us too. It is more than a mere likelihood that the day will be passed with the only reiteration i.e. Kashmir hun mei, Shehrag Pakistan ki. Yawp.

Even since the Indian government under the auspices of Narendra Modi watered-down Article 370, depriving Jammu and Kashmir of its special status, every day in Pakistan has been marked as a Kashmir solidarity day.

One way to celebrate Kashmir Day is to come out of our homes and stand with eight million Kashmiris who have been beleaguered by the Indian Army soldiers under the oppressive Modi regime. Now, if taking a step outside from homes can grant freedom to Kashmiris, then I promise I will not return to my house until Kashmiris get the rights they deserve.

It is ironic to see that Pakistan’s diplomatic failure after the dilution of Article 370 is obvious in only three countries i.e. Malaysia, China and Turkey – raised criticisms over what India did in Kashmir at the United Nations in 2019. As a result of criticizing India`s move regarding Kashmir issue, Malaysia had to pay a heavy price because India hitched its palm oil exports from Malaysia. Imran Khan is determined to flood his country with palm oil imported from Malaysia to compensate for India`s trade snub but God knows when will it happen!?

The PM is often seen as shifting the blame of Kashmiri atrocities on to the Organization of Islamic Co-operation (OIC) for not condemning India`s move. It is also important to note that such criticism is not only coming from the sitting Prime Minister but also the opposition party leaders. They believed that Pakistan has been wronged by the OIC for not holding the Indian government accountable. And yes they are right! OIC has not called a single session to resolve the Kashmir issue since the 5 August 2019 decision.

Despite OIC`s indifference in resolving the Kashmir issue, we cannot set aside the slogan i.e. Kashmir banay ga Pakistan! But are we working for it? No doubt, that every year the Kashmir Day is celebrated with the reassurance that Kashmir will become a part of Pakistan one day. Very much of this thing has done nothing but numbed us!

For most of us, Kashmir Day is equated to a day to freely eat, sleep and maybe get flooded with free Kashmir wishes. Furthermore, Kashmir Day sales have become a thing now. So what if you could not free Kashmir? Nevertheless, you got a holiday! Right?