Where Is The State Now?

It is ironic to see the indifference of our Prime Minister, Imran Khan in response to a brutal attack that took place in the Hazara Community. The attack marked on 4th January 2020 granted no quarter to the 11 innocent lives, leaving the rest in a state of despair. Even though the recent attack made the victims face severe fright and trepidation in the last moments of their life, our prime minister was not ready to console the grieving families of the Mach coal miners by visiting them.

Since the attack, thousands of mourned lives have been demanding justice by protesting in the streets of Quetta for many days. Imran Khan should be reminded of the fact that he was the only politician to visit the community back in 2012, when the Hazaras held the first protest, alongside the unburied bodies of the victims. And now when he is the custodian of the state, his obliviousness is nothing short of immensely disappointing and disheartening.

The helpless and vulnerable people of Hazara had only one demand i.e. they want the Prime Minister to visit them. Is the demand for a fundamental right to life ever so much to ask for? These people do not expect Imran khan to undertake a full-fledged operation against the perpetrators of the heinous crime. They just wish Imran Khan to give them some empathy.

Imran Khan, the man-in-charge could demonstrate some solidarity by visiting them unconditionally but he did not. How can he be so callous? It is the time for Imran khan to realize that it is the people who played a major role in carrying Imran khan to the auspicious seat of the prime minister. These were the people who stood by him and trusted him the responsibility to take care of all Pakistanis?

We are in utmost need of a leader who is able to demonstrate empathy in all its actions. We all know that the government of New Zealand prohibited the usage of all automatic weapons following the Christ Church shooting incident. Keeping this in view, one should wonder what protective measures would be taken by our government to make the Hazara division a safe place to live in.

It is the responsibility of the state to protect the lives of its citizens. We stand with the people of Hazara and demand the accountability of our sitting PM and his government. We want strict actions to be taken against them. In 2013, in response to another attack against Hazaras, Imran khan tweeted: Where is the state? At this point, we ask the same question from him: Sir, where is the state now??

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