Suicides in a Disillusioned World

Suicide attempts are being quotidian in our society and this is an inordinate reality. Isn’t it important to unleash some ground facts before it takes so many lives? We must have to take it with a grain of salt that our so-called customs and rituals are creating troubles for us.

It may seem to be very cynical but as far as I have faced some problems in this hitherto existing society, all were created by my closed ones to whom I owe respect just because they are senior in age, or we are abiding in a relationship that God created for some unrevealed reasons. As if they had been my choices, I’d never have gone for them. These are common practices that relatives interfere in our lives for no reason, and this interference becomes a headache for those who are suddenly becoming the prey of pinching realities of life.

These are contemporary debates that equality is neither the demand nor the solution of our problems but equity is. Don’t expect equal achievements from two differently organized personalities. I would better try to explain this credo of our society in the words of J.b Priestley, “Living in an age of advertisement, we are perpetually disillusioned. The perfect life is spread before us every day, but it changes and withers at a touch”.

The suicide rate is increasing day by day and mostly young and talented people having very high potential and a remarkable competency in their fields are choosing death over life. Whenever I come across such news, heartaches but the commentaries on their actions drive me up the wall. The stereotypical approach towards life may lead us to the verge of destruction.

Most of the people consider it an act of an irreligious person who does not have a firm belief in God, This might be one of the reasons but this is not the only reason. This is a matter of fact that a major part of an ordinary community just follows the commandments of God as a tradition or social practice because they were told to do so. When the real troubles occur we don’t find a way to go through them. We need to have a different mentality for having that courage.

A student who has spent twenty-four years of his life in educational sectors where he/she had been dealing with life through a practical way and they were even taught to do so, then how can you expect them to behave compassionately in the worst situations of their lives? They are generally over-thinkers and sensitive by nature. I’m a hundred per cent sure that they all have cried in front of God in private, they have been talking to Him for a long period of time. No miracle came my way, but I still believe that they occur in a parallel world. I am damn sure that there would be a time when I will no longer be able to have such beliefs if life keeps on going like this. Same goes to those who have reached that stage before time.

Diagnosing and covering suicide cases in our society is generally difficult because of social stigma and legal issues as attempting suicide is a legal crime as par our constitution. Though it looks like a joke this is the law. We can count so many smiling faces that have paid the debt of nature. They are no more part of this highly competitive world.

People ask silly questions about jobs, age, future goals and everything someone is complicated about. Still, they think that they have done nothing wrong to those who chose this way. Life demands courage to tackle these questions but at some points, we really are deprived of that positivity.

Antonio Gramsci explained this dogma in such a way, “A challenge of modernity is to live without illusions and without being disillusioned”. Meliorism must be prevailing, but till that time, please be a reason someone survives in their deplorable situations. That’s what society needs the most.

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