Uncertainty, The Root Cause of All Evils

David Hume once said “Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them”. 2020 has not been a good year all around the globe. I strongly disagree with the notion that we are one hundred years back from Europe or any other western country. I believe that problems of one generation all around the globe are quite similar with the minute cultural differences.

The bourgeoisie and the proletariat classes are everywhere. What makes us different is our attitude towards the same issues. The most educated class of our society has no time to recommend some possible ways to face the problems. They never get time from criticizing the current government policies or giving future predictions which are based on no solid evidence.

I can count so many examples of our renowned social activists and writers who had been predicting the collapse of the whole system just because of this Covid-19 pandemic. They were no way agreeing to stop this pandemic before 5-10 years. No, doubt we were all afraid of this uncontrollable situation, but there still lies a hope of life, a hope of getting back to the same colors of love and humanity where everything was quite good.

People made hasty decisions due to uncertainty and negativity prevailing around them. We do not try to find the root causes of crimes happening on a daily basis. May it be Hume or Descartes; we have to agree with their philosophies of being skeptic about this world or hereafter. Things go on in very unpredictable ways.

International media has praised our policies for Covid-19 at so many occasions but reality is quite different. We had shown a very non-serious and uncooperative attitude throughout the way. A few months ago, Peace seemed to be a far cry but now we can see the results. Without beating about the bush, I must call a spade a spade.

Uncertainty has led us to the verge of crimes. 6 months ago, Students applied for competitive exams. Meanwhile we had to face this pandemic and we are just coming out of the crises. That’s really not a child’s play to prepare for competitive exams. Especially for those who live in rural areas. People from middle class families always plan short term and long term goals based upon their family backgrounds.

They cannot spare their whole lives waiting for exams to be held. I believe in “fail fast and Move on”. PPSC announced the date sheet 15 days before exams without any prior notice. Some students resist this schedule but all in vain. Problem is not with PPSC or FPSC. The root cause is Uncertainty. We were not even sure about their policies. They have not made themselves reliable enough in so many years that students may continue waiting for their dreams to be true in one year or more.

Government does not announce a proper strategy to control poverty and unemployment prevailing in our society. These strategies may take decades to be true, but if they are based on solid grounds, it will give a hope of life to the millions of individuals living below the poverty line. Yesterday, a mother in Karachi along with her three children committed suicide. These have become common practices for us, but this is really not good. I’m not at all an advocate of PMLN, PPP or PTI. But I wish a predictable certain life at least from the Government’s end.

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