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Responsibilities of a teacher in society


Teaching is a prophetic profession. Teaching is a noble profession, it deserves respect .There are many responsibilities of teachers. If a teacher respects his profession and gives his profession that attention which profession deserve, it will definitely get rewarded by society, Society will reward them with great respect. There are many moral responsibilities of a teacher that he/she should perform honestly. Teacher is a role model for society, for his students, his /her school, for his society that’s why he/she should possess a good character, morals and virtues. He /she should not only teach subject matter knowledge to students but also give them Islamic and ethical knowledge for their daily life. He /she should teach those values and virtues that they can lead their life successfully.

First of all, teacher has a broad spectrum of knowledge, which he/she should convert into their students. Teacher should teach their students honestly, so that they can live and deal their matters of life with honesty. Secondly, teacher should teach their students patience, so that they can live and deal their matter of life with patience.Moreover, teacher should teach their students patriotism, so that they can live and deal their matters of life with patriotism. Moreover, Teacher should spread patriotism. Consequently, teacher should teach moral lessons and ethical knowledge. Teacher should teach them that happiness could be achieved by leading virtuous life. Teacher s character and personality should be exemplary. He should motivate and encourage his /her students to be a good human being.

In National professional standards for teacher in Pakistan clearly stated in standard no 3, knowledge of Islamic ethical values /social life skills. Teachers understand the Islamic ethical values and practices in the light of Quran/sunnah and other religious context, and the implication of these values for bringing national and global peace, unity and social adjustment. Teacher knows and understands the Islamic code of conduct in light of Quran and Sunnah.Teacher knows and understands the values which are globally accepted and are being promoted. Teachers are ethically obligated to serve the learning needs of all children, and to do this they must recognize, understand, and demonstrate an appreciation for the perspectives, cultural backgrounds, values and beliefs, world views, and different kinds of motivation that students bring to school. Teachers should encourage equality, justice, brotherhood, balance, tolerance and peace. Teacher should encourage maaroof (good) and discourage Munkir (evil).

According to National Professional Standard for teacher in Pakistan, teacher should know and understand values which are globally accepted and being promoted. Teacher should know and understand the present need of national/global peace, and the factors affecting peace and resulting in decline of the values and ethics. Teacher should know and understand the negative impact of prejudice, discrimination, social class, gender, race and language on the moral development of students and society.

Teacher should know how these Islamic and universal ethical values are incorporated in learner’s belief and practices to bring peace .Teacher should know and understand the essential principles of Islamic values in the text books. Teacher value and are committed to bring awareness among people that Quran and Sunnah is only the valid source for knowing about Islamic values in true sense. Teacher value and are committed to respect for individual and cultural /religious differences, and appreciation of the basic worth of each individual and cultural/religious group. Teacher value and are committed to, tolerance and celebrated of diversity. Teacher values and are committed to dialogue as a mean to conflict resolution. Teachers should engage in activities to teach student ethics and morals. Teacher should give proper guidance and counseling to their students. Guidance is very important to help individual in his /her physical, emotional, social, spiritual development. Each Collage /University must have a guidance unit with due provision of guidance services. Guidance is helpful not only for students and teacher in an educational institution but also to the parents, administrators, planners and community members.

In conclusion, teacher should have a deep knowledge of ethics, morals, values, virtues. So that he/she can exhibit and transfer this knowledge in his students. The importance of these values in life and how to live life according to these values, teaching of this is essential responsibility of effective teacher.







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