Two Patterns of Thinking 

It is in the Holy Quran that
Allah Almighty has created everything on two sides.
Just as the flesh of a human being is the body of poppy, so is the body of lights, which is active and revolves at night when our material body sleeps motionless.
(It is also mentioned in the Qur’an)
Similarly, two patterns of thought and emotion were introduced in the Qur’an
1- Prophetic thinking and emotions
Such as patience, gratitude, sincerity, love, selflessness, forgiveness, forgiveness, control over anger and negative emotions, and all positive and constructive patterns of thinking and emotions
2- Evil thoughts and emotions
For example, impatience, anger, hatred, jealousy, disobedience, rebellion, malice, hatred, arrogance, self-aggrandizement, making fun of others, backbiting, slander, hatred, revenge. I have been forbidden.
Have you ever wondered why Allah has forbidden some ways of thinking and commanded the adoption of others?
There is a special wisdom in this.
The negative attitudes and negative emotions that are forbidden in the Qur’an are the identities of Satan, whom Allah Almighty dislikes.
If a person adopts negative thoughts and negative emotions, he gets closer to the satanic identity and moves away from his soul and Allah because negative or evil thoughts and emotions are contradictory to the identity of the soul.
For example, if a person adopts all kinds of negative thoughts and feelings, disobedience, ungratefulness, anger, hatred, backbiting, jealousy, arrogance, malice, headstrongness, lust for power, self-aggrandizement, arrogance, unbridled rudeness. So he is just as close to Satan and away from the identity of his soul
Since all creativity is related to the soul, such a person cannot achieve special success in this life and the next life, nor can he become acquainted with real happiness and peace.
Satanic or negative thinking increases the lust of the material world. The individual relies heavily on material means of happiness that are temporary. The speed of the mind of such a person is very slow and he is not able to use his creativity in the same way as a person who is in harmony with the identity of a soul.
Nor does he get any special benefit from his worship. That is, he does not get much light because he has set his mind on the frequency of negative thinking and negative emotions.
For example, the same channel at which you set the needle on the radio starts running.
You can guess which channel you will be in contact with on the frequency of negative thinking.
That is why today, despite endless worship, Muslims have not been able to attain the position that the vicegerent of Allah attains.
The only reason is that the acts of worship are being performed in full, but the commandments of the Qur’an which were related to the way of thinking or purification of thoughts and emotions were completely ignored. The frequency of the mind is set on satanic thoughts and emotions. If so, how many worships and fasts as much as you want? How will you connect to Noorani Channel ?.
That is, how will the light waves get from the soul when we have overpowered the opposite direction with the color of the soul. We must cultivate prophetic or positive attitudes and positive emotions within ourselves and our children if we want the well-being of ourselves and our children in this world and the next.
Positive thinking and positive emotions will also increase your children’s creativity. And they will be able to use their spiritual abilities to become useful members of society and God’s favorites.

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