Single National Curriculum.

Nelson Mandela once famously said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The weapon is very important for Pakistan as well to compete with the world in terms of economy, technology and in every aspect of life.

Currently, Pakistan has three parallel systems of education, Public Schools, Private schools and religious institutions like Madrassas. As well as The mode of teaching is also divided. Elite quality institutions and all private educational institutions use English as a teaching medium while most government schools and other institutions in rural or backward areas use Urdu as a medium of teaching. While children studying in madrassas are considered inferior to the above two. They are not considered eligible for any job and are not given the opportunity.

Three educational systems in Pakistan is not only social injustice but is also a major cause of our retrogressive. This division in education also divides the thinking and culture of individuals living within the same society.

Students from different educational backgrounds face many difficulties in pursuing higher education in higher education institutions. Their confidence, ability to analyze things, ability to understand and speak English fluently is not always the same because of their different backgrounds. Resultantly, they feel an inferiority complex.

Considering all of the above, bringing a single National curriculum is the critical need of the hour. Providing equal education should be the foremost duty of the state so that seminary students should be at the same intellectual level as many private and English medium school students.

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