Self-Destruction: A Preposterous Trend in Adolescents

The decency that is always expected from our young generation is just a farcical thing. Trending is the most elegant thing from which their acts are being trapped. The scattered situation of our generation is too miserable that can easily be understood by their proponents and jargons. Self-destruction is also an admirable trend among adolescents. Self-destruction, in its procedural form, is a gigantic threat to the stability of society as well as for the family. It is a prevailing trend among the youth and a rising issue in the sense of mental health (Bekhterev Psychological Research Institute).

Notwithstanding the exasperating movies of Bollywood, it gave some of the movies that were not less than the masterpiece. But it was mid of 2019 when Bollywood gave a humongous movie “Kabir Singh” that earned almost 3790.2 million Indian rupees. The story of the movie revolves around an idealist and fantasist character Kabir who falls in love with a first-year girl “Pretty”. Soon, Pretty got married and Kabir became a self-destructive person. The main and peculiar themes of the movie were anger, stubbornness, and self-destruction. The movie had directly or indirectly legalized these horrendous phenomena.

 A concise definition of self-destruction is:

“Self-destruction is a scenario in which a person harms himself or herself by doing nasty acts”.

The methodology of self-destruction was introduced by famous psychologist Sigmund Freud. He hypothesized the causes, limitations, and hideous effects of this scenario. According to Freud, it is an egoistic thing that may have harmed the interconnection of a person with society and especially with family. The simple philosophy of self-destruction is that it is a type of dysfunction in which a person mistreats his/her emotions, physical appearance, and a bunch of mental capabilities. According to Lynton Keith, in his research article, he argued that these things led humanity toward future risk. He conferred that these achievements might inadvertently put humanity toward unprecedented consequences.

If we see the self-destruction according to the specific lens of the movie, we can easily understand the structural chain. Freud considered it as an egoistic thing that could travel from one person to another person. This traveling might have been in the form of effect, damage, and ego. It traveled until it became a trend, whenever it became a trend it often created an environment. The environment is just like circumstances that have been seen after the movie. These types of exasperating things create a peculiar culture and that culture is the war against humanity. In the case of this movie, we can see that how the self-destruction of a person ghastly affected the whole system of the family (an important institution of socialization and nurturing). It has had also extremely green around the gills impacts on the specific sect of society.

After the huge success of the movie, it has been noted that the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol is increased. And the specific design of his glasses Salvador Ferragamo is the most trending glasses of the decade. To get Salvador in trending is too bitter for a student, financially. After this, the particular type of hallucinated beard and hairstyle was also horrendous and too costly for a particular sect of society. The main purpose of all this discourse is how our young generation was being molded by trends. In self-destructive behavior another thing that can be perceived is attitude. Instead of decency, our generation has adopted the absurd behavior of Kabir that must have affected their minds, psychologically.

Our ancestors gave a picturesque in the dowry and that was self-consciousness. The holy book Quran had put a very high hand on it. Hazrat Ali (R.A) has also conferred many statements about it. After this, the most influential poet Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal has also given the concept of “Khudi”. Awareness about ourselves is a part and parcel of our religion. Instead of adopting weird behavior and self-destructive (like the behavior that has been noted in the movie), the young generation should get benefit from the philosophy of Khudi and decency that is given in the Quran and Sunnah. Adolescents have to understand the difference between self-destruction and self-consciousness. They should aware of themselves, as said this:

“He who knows his soul (nafs) knows his Allah (Rab)”

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