Technology, Fashion, and Modern Day Life


Thanks to technology for making our life easier, comfortable and calmly but at the same time technology has snatched these valuable items from our straightforward life. No doubt, we have done a huge part of development so that we can survive. There was a time when humans were too feeble to handle the animals around them and sometimes humans had to compromise for the sake of food. So, we developed, developed in the sense that we domesticated animals, brought agricultural revolution, and made new techniques to make life easier. But let’s analyzed this modern world, check the capitalist monopoly, examine the manipulation of social media, and just survey the fashion industry.

Let’s analyze an example that explains how we are alienated in a sense. Our young generation has a common need for android mobile phones. Despite indulging in the debate of how they have been manipulated by social media and algorithms. Just observe the group of 20 young persons who have an android mobile phone. There would be shocking results because by observing we may note some common points. First, while they are eating, drinking, or doing some activities they may frequently use the mobile phone. Their concern is to get some likes on social media, earn money on snack videos, or waste time scrolling aimlessly. This is the way we are alienated. Second, in this special way we are losing our social skills. We can compare our ancestors in their social skills with today’s young generation and we would come to know where it pushing us. We have lost a gigantesque part of social and communication skills.

At the same time, if you observe more you may realize that they spend most of their time on social media. Despite some benefits of social media they simply scroll purposelessly and observe two or three things. First, which thing is on trending now, what is the most popular brand nowadays, and how can we modify ourselves by doing some hallucinations. To analyze, the choice of the young generation, senseless fashion, and the interest of capitalists- take an example of the mask.

At the start of Corona, we have been in a too difficult situation. But we try to examine the situation. The start of the Corona mask has been considered a necessary element for survival. If you want to go out of home, you have to wear a mask. It is not a bad thing at all but what happens that makes it bad? At the start, there was a surgical and cheap mask that had been sold. But as the epidemic spread, we could see that there was a lot of brands came in and developed masks in different shapes. The competition didn’t stop there different brands made different masks by simply making some graphs and hallucinations on them. The questions arise – does this competition make humanity better? Do some designs on the mask change its manifestation?

Technology has had a relation with religion and especially with moral codes. Do we ever imagine that the modern world pushes us too far from the fundamental essence of moral codes? Let’s take an example, our young generation mostly uses an app that is known as “Snapchat” and almost 1 billion people are currently using it. They used it so much that scientists have discovered a syndrome that is Snapchat syndrome. The basic thing in Snapchat is some filters that are too popular. So, what reason lies behind using it? The simple answer is that they want to become what they are factually not. In this way, they separate the most fundamental thing of religion that is modesty. Modesty is something that is a cardinal factor in religion and our prophet always proclaimed it as a necessary element of life.

There are a lot of questions on the technology and on the competition of the capitalist class that pushes us toward nothing but destruction. There are a lot of philosophers in human history who have talked about it. Currently, many intellectuals are making many discourses on the development of an algorithm and artificial intelligence revolution. Despite all these things, just close your eyes and examine how much our life has become speedy with the advancement of technology that brings anxiety, depression, and fraught.

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