Straighten the Measures of Intolerance

A few years ago, on my Facebook account, while scrolling up, I came across a shocking report by the HRCP about a woman, a Muslim woman, who was stoned to death. Thousands of people were involved in this heinous act and those who were not were busy making videos and pictures. None in the mob even tried to save the woman, who was unconscious, with disheveled hair and dressed in a gown. The accusation was that she had burned the Holy Qur’an.

After the girl’s death, the investigation proved that the girl was innocent as she spoke out against illegal activities in the shrine’s premises, such as amulets, hooliganism, alcohol, and the sex trade. These conspiratorial elements conspired against the woman and accused her of burning the Holy Qur’an, and the enraged elements performed this vicious assault as their very religious duty and sacrificed her to be stoned.

Although this was the case in Afghanistan, the situation in Pakistan is no different. Last year or so, a college professor was a victim of religious extremism for a farewell function. The killer student believed the party was against the principles of Islam. The brutal murder of Mashal Khan in Mardan on a false charge of blasphemy is before us all. Many such incidents are not even reported. Some of them are in my personal information.

Many years back, my cousin worked in a factory and is still suffering from a psychological crisis due to an incident he witnessed with his own eyes. Incidentally, the neck of a Christian girl was severed from her body inside the factory in broad daylight, and the stated reason for it was blasphemy.

The story was that the murderer sexually harassed a Christian girl. The annoyed girl had humiliated him in front of everyone one day. Angered by the sense of humiliation, the man used some offensive words about Jesus, to which the girl retaliated. So, under that guise, the killer cut the throat of the girl in such a way that he had severed her head from her body.

The Christian community does not believe in Muhammad (PBUH), which is why they are called Christians, but Muslims also believe in Jesus as a messenger, so who disgraced a prophet? Hereunder the high intensity of extremism, by disgracing one’s prophets, it is incited to blasphemy and then a conspiracy of brutal killing is hatched under the same scheme.

The girl was killed for blasphemy, but the killer continues to gnash his teeth and is free even after himself committing blasphemy, and no one has issued any fatwa against him. This is an incident that did not get media coverage even on social media and maybe the factory owners didn’t publicize it for their own interests.

Two years ago, a few thousand extremists held the whole country hostage and the reason was the death punishment of Asia Bibi. This is not the end of the story, where there is a struggle against human rights violations, the provision of equal rights to all human beings, the protection of minorities and their place on a humanitarian grounds without any discrimination, whether it is a matter of justice and equality with women, groups of intolerance and extremism jump into the arena waving the flag of religion. In all these cases, the only form of religion that they present appears to be as if it is established to disregard the weak ones and the minorities’ rights. They make it seem as though religion emphasizes killing, cut, trample, imprison; it came into being just to massacre human beings and deprive them of human freedom.

Deprived of the true spirit of religion, these extremist culprits do not refrain from using religion to fulfill their nefarious intentions by transforming the self-made shell into the whole religion. The historical analysis of any religion, and Islam in particular, reveals that Islam had emerged as a revolutionary force against the tyrannical domination of a particular aristocracy, representing the underprivileged as well as became the voice of the repressed force. It was the tyrannical rulers of the time who suppressed based on terror and power.

This revolutionary religion that strengthened the feet of the oppressed ones and brought the oppressor to justice, has now been controlled by a few dictatorial forces who have taken hostage a revolutionary religion that is being used exclusively to encircle minorities, deprive them of their religious rights as well as their social status, and gain control over women’s lives.

It is no secret that after the women’s rally, these rallies face a lot of scorn. Reading extremist comments against the rally on every platform seems as if the people in the rally, or who support the rally will be issued a blasphemy fatwa and their necks will be cut off in public. At the women’s rally, these extremist elements are dying in a pit of humiliation, as the women holding placards in this women’s march have desperately challenged their honor.

Lies are concocted alleging that Muslim women have defamed Islam by participating in these rallies. It is beyond the human mind that the standards of extremism and intolerance are so inverted in this society. Matters that should not be tolerated under any circumstances, where every step should be taken very strictly, everyone is just watching the spectacle and keeping their mouths shut.

It doesn’t make any difference to honor when the standards of health, hygiene, safety, and education are lying naked at the death’s door, where the young daughters are offered for rape in exchange on the decision of the Jirga and no one even raises a voice against them. Many incidents take place daily, but the people who are choking on the women’s march are sitting quietly in such a situation.

People, making a fuss on such a platform, don’t seem like taking any extreme measures against barbarism as to be seen tormenting women’s freedom. Why don’t these factors make a fuss over Dole Shah’s heinous rat-head-making process? How can they speak out against this heinous act whose mental state is worse than that of Dole Shah’s?

The phrase “my body, my will” or “my body my choice”, which is associated with women’s emancipation, seems to have stabbed their masculinity with a dagger, and their dwarf minds explain it in such a way that a woman desires for obscenity on her body. Since they bring up their generations on sexual orientation, they believe if their woman is freed, she will hit their training on their faces. Otherwise, a man from a well-aware family does not consider his woman a baby doll. He can never take the concept of sexual slavery from the freedom of the body.

What a woman has to do with her existence, how she should live, what she should wear, what she should think, and what she should decide is her right. Her body, her existence is no one else’s property. “My body is my will, if this sentence is not correct, is my body, your will correct?” Just think and broaden the horizon of your mind and vision, prove to be human, and straighten the measures of intolerance. Believe me, our mental stature is declining over time and this is a very critical situation.

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