Post-Pandemic World

A sudden pause all over the world, yeah seriously it happened. Did anyone imagine that all the countries around the globe will cease at the same time? Have you ever thought that “the things” happen only in Hollywood movies will get real, i.e. world destruction, contagious diseases or end of the world type thrillers. Do you ever think that your mom will force you to use mobile phone or play video games so you don’t get out of the house? Isn’t it so funny? So, yes things happen which you haven’t imagined. In spite of all the intense situation and tension around there, enjoy you are becoming the part of history.

Get out of the shock and daunting environment, let’s think about the world after this COVID-19. Life is still moving on so why not us. We are developing some good and some bad habits. I am not sure of other things but everyone has got the strong habit of washing hands carefully, which is good. The other strong and horrified habit we got is of “eating”, when we get bored and nothing to do in the lockdown what we do? We eat. I think ratio of obesity will increase among human beings after this quarantine world mode.

Online system is getting strong and people are getting handy with it. From executive employee to primary students, everyone is working from home. This culture will not die even after pandemic. This is the new and effective way to work. Many companies and organizations are thinking of having this online system permanently. In western world, this was common even before the pandemic but in developing countries (just like ours) most of the people are getting familiar with it just now. E.g. Zoom got so much popular (I am sure their developers are earning a handsome amount). Our future seems to be digital.

Medical services are also been provided through telemedicine. This scenario will surely affect some part of our society, just like the invention of mobile phone has replaced many everyday items like calendar, watches, calculator, postal letters etc. Eventually jobs of many workers will get vanished, like cleaners in the offices, also the chai wale uncle etc.

Investment in medical services would be prioritize instead of great expenditures on weapons and military services. I am not sure about other countries and nations but here in Pakistan our great institutes set aside a huge amount of money for military when making annual budget. Now they will realize that how much our hospitals, medical aids and paramedics need attention and of course a proper share from country’s economy. Before this pandemic people were expecting a world war III, now suffering from this natural disaster. Life is unpredictable.

Emotions, thinking and many customs will change after this. Sense of “living like the last day” is developing in us, we are now somehow getting prepared for next life. People are getting less fearful of death. Besides this many behaviours and lifestyle will be going to take a twist. In my opinion, people will avoid handshakes even after this. Also wondering about how Turks used to greet by kissing on both side of cheeks, what will they do? Do people meet warmly like in old happy days? do girls share their lipstick while in university? Do boys share the same cigarette? Many mindsets are going to change. This will surely have many strong effects on the whole world.

Huge transitions and decisions in the world. Tug of war between china and America is continued from several years. In pre-pandemic world America was still the leading as a super power and china is known as 2nd super power of the world. But this COVID-19 propose many changes in their economic statuses. China dealt with this disease more efficiently than America. China is getting more popular as they are helping and providing services to many countries in this crucial time. America is also getting great amount of antibiotics from china meanwhile America is busy in saving its own people. So, this tragedy can also bring change in the world order.

In a nutshell, critical problems brought significant modifications. Our normal routine has been affected, our mind got awareness for such new and unimaginable circumstances, the whole world is shaken by this. We humans are adaptive by nature; we devise new ways to live when life takes sharp turns. Post-pandemic world order will be different in a way or other. Even every individual will have different perspective about life and the world. This pandemic can also happen to be a blessing in disguise because we will see many entrepreneurs emerging from different corners of the world.

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