Idea of Happiness

In today’s world, our youth is in a brutal race for happiness and guess what they even don’t know the actual idea of happiness. Before entering into the long debate, I would say that pain brings happiness. Without any problems in your path or your life, you cannot feel the actual happy feeling. Our life is in a constant cycle of problems or you can say we are in an infinite loop of problems. Just as Mark Manson says, “The solution to one problem is merely the creation of the next one.” we feel great pleasure when we solve a problem even if we are getting into another problem. At that time, we prefer small problems over the big ones.

Everyone in this world wants happiness but not everyone knows the trick to be happy despite all the hustle and bustle of life. Happiness is not something that can be achieved, it is something that we have to learn. We need to learn how we can be stable and calm in every situation. Happiness doesn’t mean to have a smiley face all the time, it is an art of living a peaceful life.

First of all, our young generation needs to stop comparing themselves to others. This is the era of social media and it is full of happy pictures. The people who are posting pictures of parties, enjoyments are also one of the saddest people alive. No one posts their insecurities or their pitiful days over social media. So, don’t indulge yourself into self-pity of not having the same happiness as others. Be happy at where you are. You make your moments happy or sad.

The second major flaw in our idea of happiness that we wait for “The Happiness”. Instead of waiting for the destination, we should enjoy the journey. Let’s take the example of hiking to a beautiful peak. Some hasty people hire some horses to get to the destination but there is another group of people who climb through all the adventurous path by themselves. Then at the end, the people who have hiked by themselves got the real enjoyment and immense euphoria. They got the feeling of achievement. There is a famous quote that, “difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”

The people who are happy at all the times doesn’t know the worth of happiness. As we can’t realize our blessings until we go through any hardship. Compare a person who have ice-cream on daily basis and the person who can have it once a month, now you tell who enjoys it more? Our youth needs to understand that problem-free life is cannot earn you eternal happiness. This can only happen in Heaven, not on earth.

Moreover, money can’t buy you all pleasures of the world. Riding in Ferrari doesn’t make you the happiest person alive. People are living luxurious villas but their hearts are torn apart. Some have broken families; some are thriving to live a normal life and some are in a race for wearing branded clothes; not to please themselves but to show off. The grandfather who have all the riches but is unhappy because his children left him all alone. So, having great jewels doesn’t give you a peaceful life. Have a delightful dinner with your family instead of running and struggling for money. A hut with loads of happiness is better than a palace without any love and warmth.

To sum it up, I would say that this is you who can make you happy. Enjoy all pleasures of life. We wait for holidays to wake up late in the morning but when time passes, we learn that it is worth having a good routine. Be happy in all the ages and phases of life. Choose your field and job wisely so you don’t have any regrets. Do what makes you at peace. If you are not hurting anyone then go-ahead buddy.

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