How mighty Dinosaurs were turned into innocent chickens

This is how my Dino-Hen Theory goes, as they say.

 Big things come in small packages’: I know I am saying it different from the famous words of wisdom ‘Good things come in small packages’ said by an unknown Plato of the modern times. From the days of infancy I saw the world differently. My teachers and family get frustrated by my irrelevant and out of place never ending trails of silly questions. When my teachers see me raising hands for asking questions they always behave as if someone is going to slap them. My intentions and questions are always innocent and simple. I will narrate just a few examples here for you to read.

Once I dispatched a salvo of questions at my teacher about the reality of ball pen. My intension was to know the difference between a ball pen and a fountain pen; she replied it. Then my brain automatically stirred me to raise my hand to further ask about the composition of its ball.

On one occasion, I asked my younger sister that why does animals don’t end up developing cavities if they don’t brush their teeth twice a day? She looked back at me furiously as if she is going to kill me. Keeping the history of physical assaults in mind, which I had experienced on multiple occasions from her small but mighty hands I pretended as if I didn’t ask any question.  Then I satisfied my self by telling me that may be they brush their teeth themselves when humans are not watching. Though I was not satisfied by it but sometimes it is important to protect yourself from the mighty hands and knife like nails of your younger sister than to get a satisfactory answer.

On another occasion, I asked myself that we ate chicken, thus are we murderers? It led me to further think that why don’t chicken protect themselves from being killed. To find the answers I studied the defensive mechanisms which nature has bestowed upon chickens. I found out that they have tiny array of teeth. I started looking at them differently from that day onwards. I began looking for their other features that are hidden.

I came to know that a chick has a tail when it is in embryonic form but its spinal disks disappear at later stages of development. My inquisitive mind further raised many things upfront that led me to find similarities between chickens and dinosaurs. Yes you read it right ‘dinosaurs’; I know it sounds quite funny but I am going to explain it to you that how mighty dinosaurs encapsulated into tiny bodies of hens.

As we all are well aware that early humans were very tall. With the passage of time in accordance with their environment human-beings turned into what we are today. Very same thing happened with dinosaurs. Once dinos were huge but as the time progressed factors such as food sources, shelter, geological events, and diseases played their respective roles to turn them into small beings. Other then this analysis between the skeletons of a T-Rex dinosaur and a chicken bear great similarities.

I was studying these similarities when I was in my village during summer holidays. One day in order to observe chickens I went close to one rooster, I think somehow he got the hint that I am aware of his ancestors. He spread his wings, fluffed the feathers of his neck and leaped towards me for attacking. I was lucky that day as I ran faster than him to avoid his attack. I didn’t dare to go close to him and the members of his clan again.

Now I ask myself to halt out of respect upon spotting a chicken. My views about them are changed forever. As life is mostly about possibilities, may be things turn upside down and the nature provide suitable opportunities to them to once again turn into mighty T-Rex dinos. I don’t want to be running in front a T-Rex to save my life the same way I was being followed by the rooster in my village. I just want to ensure by paying respect to them that they remember my good behaviour towards them.

This is how my inquisitive brain sees things differently and leads me to draw diverse conclusions that are sometimes backed by funny evidence. I hope by now you will be convinced that ‘Big things come in small packages’ and will pay homage to chickens.

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