A Short Tale of a Goat Named Lavender

It was a normal day in summer but a special time for two little goats, Lilly and Lavender, born that day. Seeing the sunlight for the first time was a totally new thing for the little cute creatures. They both had different mothers but were behaving like siblings.  Their mothers were recently added to the herd therefore other goats were not familiar and friendly with them due to which other baby goats were not allowed to play with Lily and Lavender. For this reason Lilly and Lavender developed a bond between each other and were always together. They ran, jumped and teased other goats. Watching them playing together, other baby goats wanted to join but they were not welcomed by both of them.

On one horrible day, an evil man, threw kneaded wheat floor in the compound where goats were held. Lavender’s mum ate it. After having it the mum went to play with her daughter, Lavender, during playing she wobbled and fell down. Lavender thought her mum has fallen to sleep. When mum didn’t move for a longer time then she touched her mum to inspect. She realised her mum is dead. That man became murderer in the eyes of Lavender from that day onward.

Winter was arriving and she needed someone to cuddle her at night. Lilly’s mama proved to be a great help by cuddling both of them during the chilly winter nights. At that point Lavender begun to trust Lilly’s mama and humans. She became friends with a boy named Shahan, she played with him during the daytime. She was excited until Shahan went back to his city. She was sad but soon started playing with Lilly. Once again she was a happy goat. Death cannot be avoided; we all have to die one day or another.  Lilly fell ill and she knew her time is almost over. Without letting anyone know she sat down in a corner and later her body was being discovered by her beloved friend Lavender. Once again Lavender was alone in life. Nothing was left for her, her mum, her human friend and even her best friend were no longer with her. She was left with no one to play, to talk, to share, to trust and to cuddle but was still having faith in life and herself.

If something like this happens with a human, he/she does horrible things. Loosing someone is a very huge thing even if he/she doesn’t score good grades or loses a match; they lose hope and stop believing in themselves. But look at the little goat that lost her dear ones but still she is standing on the ground and not giving up. Life is all about learning lessons but it doesn’t mean we always learn from humans, we can learn from animals like Lavender. Life is a chance that we get just once don’t waste it by giving up if something bad occurs. We can always overcome the hurdles that come across the path of life. Don’t give up no matter what!

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