A Girl on the Swing

Aleena is a girl and she used to feel good as her soul is being cultivated in the body of a female being. Encapsulated in the body of feminine homo-sapien is something that contemplates with her Aura as well. As her hair falls on the edges of her shoulders at full length, she felt amazing. She doesn’t know whether she is a beautiful girl or not, but she was enjoying being one.

At this mere stage of her life, she has seen the sentiments and emotions of people for her. It is very difficult to comprehend the emotional myopia of a homo-sapien because they are complex in their emotion bounding and composition. Sometimes, she feels as if the human body is composed of emotions instead of salts and water (as per the scientific claim). She is in the preliminary stage of her life, as she hasn’t passed the age of 6 years yet. She has already experienced the deep transition of emotions. It is very hard to explain the strange and stagnant feeling that encompasses her while experiencing the waves of emotional balances and imbalances in human beings.

She is usually surrounded by multiple people because of the social joint-family system, in which she has opened her eyes as an infant. She has felt the flow of emotions of love, harmony, peace and protection by the gaze, touch and aura of other people. Eyes are the windows of a soul, the phrase seems to be poetic and philosophic, but it has rightly point-out the role of eyes in the transmission of emotional and non-verbal communicative messages.

She has seen the pleasing eyes, the frightened one, and the angry gaze, watered eyes with the tears of happiness and sometimes with the tears of sadness. Most of the time she becomes speechless and failed to name the emotion that she could see in the eyes of a person because of lesser vocabulary. There are countless stars in the galaxy, same in the case of human beings, they have got countless colours.

Apart from the recognition and understanding of emotion from the eyes and the gaze, she is also able to sense the emotion by the touch of a person. Every person has got a different kind of energy. Some have got the positive, while others possess the negative energy. This is the mere reason because of which some people are known as energy vampires. It is all dependent upon the Aura of a person, as per her experience, she can say. In her last life, she was on a planet where they used to sense the emotions of the creatures by sensing their aura. This planet earth is more complex, with different kinds of communication methodologies because it creates ambiguities in the transmission of a message.

As a human being, she used to live a free life in a loving family. It was a colourful day of autumn. She is a kid and to fall in love with autumn is not a normal thing that could be found in a kid. Autumn makes the world around her very brightening. With every breeze, she can feel the rustling of the fallen leaves; it feels as if a snake is passing through the bunch of dead leaves. Whenever a pedestrian accidentally walks over the fallen leaf, it makes a strong and pungent sound of cracking. This cracking sound is very attention-seeking for me. This sound conveys the emotional message of the leaves. The crack shows that the dead leaves are crunched and broken into tiny pieces and it is the most painful thing, watching a dead, further breaking down in pieces. It is something cruel for her because it makes her remember his adult touch.

A month ago, it was the ending days of the summer. Everything was shiny and lovely. She loves summer because it is the weather of mangoes and they don’t have to go to school during the long hot days. In the region, children enjoy the school holidays during the hot summer months.

It was the last month of the holidays. In the evening, she used to sit on the swing that was hanging in her grandfather’s backyard. She enjoys sitting on the swing. That day, her maternal uncle had visited her house. Her mom had made delicious and mouth-watering dishes to serve in lunch. It was a treat day for all of them. After having the feast, she sneaked out and ran towards her spot in the backyard and started playing. After an hour she went to the swing and sat on it.

Suddenly, she felt someone’s fingers on the back of her shoulder. She was freaking out and she immediately turned back. It was her uncle; he said he came to push her swing so that she can rise high on it. His eyes were lusty and she could sense an animal instinct from his body language. The tips of his fingers were already on the small of her back. They were transmitting dirty, sensual and lusty waves. She could feel the chills running down her spine. She felt as if she has seen a ghost because the touch and his aura were utterly negative. He had started moving her swing. She was irritated and shocked. It was her first sexual experience in a human body with such a human being who had strong negative instincts to tear her apart with his teeth. She was utterly confused and breathless. She wanted to jump off the swing, but her body wasn’t moving.

He had started moving his fingers towards the front of her body as if he was searching for something. She can still feel his dirty touch on her chest. It is still burning and she wants to cut herself so that she could no longer feel his touch. She started crying, he said, “Shhhh! Do not cry, you are a good girl. Aren’t you?.” His hands hadn’t stopped and he continued inappropriately touching her.

From the chest to in between the legs, she felt that she was polluted. It was hurting. She felt as she would be engulfed by that beast. In few minutes, it was over, but she felt as if the minutes last for some centuries. Something had happened to time and space and minutes had converted into centuries.

After the incident, she has some serious questions about the human race and its emotional transition. His lust and the animal instinct were also emotions, such emotions that can ruin the existence of another soul. What was the mere reason for this cruelty and barbarianism? Was it the sexual suppression or some psychological disease? Was he a sex maniac or an evil soul? To know the answer she has to live in the human body, surrounded by many beasts. She doesn’t know if she could make it or not, but she wants to diagnose the reason and search for the cure so that no other girl would be tortured in such a barbarian and tragic way.

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